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This page is for Hide submit module version 6.x-1.x. For version 7.x-2.x find that page.

The hide_submit module provides a way to hide the submit button in a form after it has been clicked. This will indicate to the user that his or her request is being processed and helps to prevent duplicate postings from impatient "double clickers".

To achieve this effect a small jQuery snippet is used and is injected to selected (configurable) pages. This script will hide the submit button after it has been clicked and will replace it with an informative text such as "Please wait..." and/or an animated indicator.


  • Hide the submit button after it has been clicked
  • Display a message and/or pre-loaded image (ajax-like animation or such) while waiting
  • Randomize images, upload your own or link to an existing image
  • java code can be loaded on selected pages only (like when adding or editing nodes)
  • Multi-language message support including RTL
  • Advanced help integration


Installation of hide_submit module is very simple.
Just copy the module to your modules directory and activate it in the admin modules page. It works out of the box using basic default configuration.

There are no module dependencies.
There are no table components.


Go to /admin/settings/hide-submit

Load options

  • In here you can decide in which pages this script shall be loaded.
    Available options are:
    'Add/Edit node pages only', 'Every page' or 'Page list'.
    by default the script will load when adding or editing nodes /node/add/* and /node/*/edit.
    You can choose to load it on every page if you want all of your forms to have this feature or you can specify a list of pages/excluded pages. If you select the Only on the listed pages. or Only on the listed pages. options make sure to add your pages
    in the Page list textarea and write each path in separate line.


  • Default message:
    here you can set the Default Message message you wish to display.
  • Localization:
    If your site is multi-language you can override the default message for each of your active languages. Under the localization fieldset or just leave them empty to use the default message

Image or animation

  • Use custom link:
    Checking this will cause the module to use a custom link istead of using the built-in/uploaded animations. Make sure to enter your link in the Custom image or animation text field.
  • Upload picture:
    You can upload an image or gif animation easly using Drupal's familier file upload "widget". Uploaded files will be saved in a separate folder hide_submit under the site's file directory. Just make sure to select the file as default/random after uploading.
    It's easy and you don't even need direct access the file system.
  • Randomize images:
    Checking this will cause the module load a different image every page load. To activate this feature, you need to check at least two images from the list of images.
  • Image Widget:
    All built-in/uploaded images are displayed here, you can select and maintain your image here.
    • Image: The image preview
    • Random: Select a group of images to randomize using the random feature.
    • Default: Select the default image to use
    • Operations: You can delete uploaded images here



Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.