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If you have to migrate a large sql batch file from your old server, chances are that the script in phpmyadmin will time out and only part of your database will be migrated. The script below will let you split a sql batch file in small chunks. It is intended to be run on your local web server (or CL).

print "hello<br>";

$splitEvery = 840000;
$base = "/home/ren/dev/ms/";
$ext  = '.sql';
$file_name = $base . 'db' . $ext;

// (the first) output file
$outCnt = 1;
$out = fopen($base . 'db_' . $outCnt . '.sql', "w"); 

// read input file
$fp = fopen($file_name, "r"); 
while($line = fgets($fp)) {

  $strLen += strlen($line);
  if ($strLen > $splitEvery  && preg_match("/(^[\r\n]*|[\r\n]+)[\s\t]*[\r\n]+/", $line) ) {
    print 'empty line after ' . $strLen . '<br>';
    $strLen = 0;

    //new output file
    $out = fopen($base . 'db_' . $outCnt . '.sql', "w"); 

  //write to current out file
  fwrite($out, "$line");


print "done"; ?>

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