Further testing of wetkit_deployment with a large client site has revealed some usability tweaks for more complete and versatile searching. This patch addresses all the concerns outlined below.

Content Tab

Multiple copies of each node are listed.
Resolved by changing the view Query Settings, adding a check-mark for Distinct results.

Title search only works when the full title is searched for.
Resolved by changing the Field: Title Filter to Operator = Contains.

Title search with full title and a trailing space returns no results.
Resolved by changing Field: Title Filter to Use Autocomplete results and Suggestions depend on other filter fields, and also Remember the last selection.

Filter by Vocabulary is constrained to a single vocab search, need to be able to search for a partial title across multiple vocabularies.
Resolved by changing the Vocabulary Filter to Allow multiple selections.

Search by Author results are sometimes missing or jumbled.
Two relationships are involved, the original Author content creator and the most recent editor of the latest revision. The search filter is for author but the display is most recent editor, causing unexpected search results.
Resolved by distinguishing between the two, adding an actual Author field, renaming the old Author field to more accurate Recent Editor, and adding a Recent Editor search filter. Searching and sorting can now be done for both the Author and the most Recent Editor.

Unable to sort by Title, Language or the new Author field.
Resolved by making table columns sort-able.

User Tab

Search Username filter auto-complete works only with some names.
Replaced the User: Name (raw) filter with a more versatile User: Name multi-name search.

Unable to search around for a name in multiple Roles.
Resolved by expanding the Role search options to Allow multiple selections.

Menu Links Tab

Large list of menu links is unmanageable in a drop down list.
Resolved by changing Operator of Menu link: Link_title to Contains and also checked the Use Autocomplete option.

Unable to search for a Link_title across multiple menus.
Resolved by changing the Menu Name filter to Allow multiple selections.

Unable to sort results by Title or Menu Name columns.
Resolved by making table columns sort-able.

Taxonomy Tab

Search using multiple words in Name gives varied results, all words are searched for individually,
Resolved by changing the term filter Name to search using Contains instead.

Unable to see the vocabulary of the terms listed.
Resolved by unchecking Exclude from display on the Taxonomy vocabulary column, label set to Vocabulary.

Unable to search for a term across multiple vocabularies to find it.
Resolved by changing search by Vocabulary to Allow multiple selections.



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