Installing MySQL on Windows

Last updated on
22 September 2016
  1. After downloading the latest stable release version of MySQL, locate the setup.exe, and execute it. When prompted choose custom install.
  2. Choose a path to install it. I recommend keeping to the default, which is c:\mysql.
  3. Select all components, and continue until done.
  4. Go to the MySQL folder, and start winmysqladmin.exe
  5. Choose a username and password for yourself.
  6. In the console, click on the my.ini tab, and choose "create shortcut in startmenu" option.
  7. In the my.ini tab, also check that all the configurable options are correct in accordance to your computer.
  8. Close the admin console and restart it. If admin program runs with a green light, everything fine.

If you'd like to do an Apache, PHP and MySQL install on XP or Vista you can also download XAMMP from for a quick full install.