Hey there, I noticed in the newest version of WxT ( 4.3 ) - that in the WYSIWYG, the background image of the site ( the blue background with a maple leaf ) is being added to the body of the iframe in the wysiwyg.
I noticed that this is because the main theme.min.css file was being added to the ckeditor wysiwyg - which has theming on , along with the main CSS file for the wetkit wysiwyg module.

My current fix was to change this
.wysiwyg-editor-body { margin: 10px !important; height: 400px; }

To this
.wysiwyg-editor-body { margin: 10px !important; height: 400px; background:transparent; }

in the wetkit-wysiwyg.css file

This is happening with a base install of WxT 4.3.
Attaching my patch file.



aastrong created an issue. See original summary.

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Ah is this the internet theme being used?

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Yes it is, sorry i should have mentioned that.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fix is now in dev and running through Travis will be pushed to D.O once tests pass.

Committed and attributed. thx!

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Sounds good, thanks @sylus

  • sylus committed 45bbc8f on 7.x-4.x authored by aastrong
    Fixed WetKit WYSIWYG for Issue #2658336 by aastrong: Body background...

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

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