Prior to 4.0 you could go to the theme settings, under the Wetkit tab/overrides and you could check this option

Disable rendering of the mb main link inside the mega menu
Specify whether or not the mega menu should include the main link.

to remove the ... - More from the megamenu.

Is this option still available in the current theme in 4.0?

#3 disable_rendering_of-2658276-3.patch3.45 KBsylus


mxlav created an issue. See original summary.

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It doesn't look like this logic didn't get ported over but is pretty simple to port so I have done that.

The option exists again in the overrides section. I think there are reasons to keep the more so context for the top level menu makes sense but I do remember some people wanting the override option.

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Attaching patch.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Pushed to dev and now going through Travis CI.

Thx a bunch!

  • sylus committed 255c645 on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Theme for Issue #2658276 by sylus: Disable rendering of the...
  • sylus committed 8c0725c on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Bootstrap for Issue #2658276: Disable rendering of the mb...

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