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Am now using updated patch such that optional contexts work again.

  • sylus committed bf345dc on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Core for Issue #2657866: ctools_context_optional() not...
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I do see the patch in the wetkit core make file (

But when extracting, I see that wetkit_core is running 7.x-4.2 so it doesn't contain this patch.

Is this an issue with drupal packaging?

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Lampson, according to the drupal-org-dev.make file on the main wetkit project

the wetkit_core version specified in the make file is the 4.x dev version

Far as I can tell according to this make file the 4.x dev version is pulling (the latest dev?) as a git hash was not specified I'm assuming this means it pulls down HEAD.

However you are correct, release 4.4 is using wetkit_core 4.2 , this is likely the problem that you're concerned with.

HERE IS THE wetkit 4.4 release make file , and yes, wetkit_core 4.2 is specified (???)

Looks like you'll have to wait until release 4.5 before you'll get wetkit_core 4.4

happy trails

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Ah we should be pushing wetkit_core 4.3. I have to do a release anyways due to Drupal Core + Metatag so will make sure this gets added.

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