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Many modules and projects use Travis CI to run tests.
The recommended way of integrating Travis is via lionsad/drupal_ti.

Avoiding rate limiting

Too many projects hitting GitHub via Composer at the same time from the same place (Travis) often triggers rate limiting, with the following error:

Could not authenticate against

The solution to this is to setup a GitHub OAuth token for your repository:

  1. Create a token at
    Leave all scopes unchecked, they're not needed. This token has read-only to public data, so it's harmless.
  2. Go to (replace drupalcommerce/commerce with your own repo)
    and add a GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN env variable, containing the token you just created. Make sure to set "Display value in build log" to ON, won't work otherwise.
  3. Use the non-interactive (-n) mode in
    # Initialize composer_manager.
    php modules/composer_manager/scripts/init.php
    composer drupal-rebuild
    composer update -n --lock --verbose
  4. In .travis.yml your before-install needs to have the git config line:
  5. before_install:
      - composer self-update
      # Add the oauth token to prevent GitHub timeouts.
      - git config --global github.accesstoken $GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN
      - composer global require "lionsad/drupal_ti:dev-master"
      - drupal-ti before_install

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