Until now we have commented out all Rules integration in D8 Ubercart because Rules until recently didn't have a D8 port to speak of. Even now, Rules in D8 is still incomplete, unstable, and is almost totally undocumented, but we probably ought to start the port so it will be ready to use as soon as Rules finally is.

This would be a great place to help us out if you want to get involved with Ubercart and/or want to learn D8. We need to both port the existing rules and add new rules for new features.


TR created an issue.

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How's this going?

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FWIW: I'm about to attempt getting a Rule working for granting file access on purchase, based on D7 code. I'll probably wind up creating a terrible hack to get it done for the client, but if I can possible help anyone working on this, let me know... which is to say, is there anyone working on this at-the-moment?

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What is the status on this? Where can I add back in the Rules to test?