Create a node with source language = 'french'
save it, translate it and publish.

This node will not be visible in the /admin/dashboard/deployment/deploy

nor will it be visible in the /admin/content

the workaround is to delete the content and re-create it as english as the source language.

We need to prevent this from happening, or else allow these nodes to be used.


joseph.olstad created an issue. See original summary.

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This is likely just a view setting that needs to be adjusted? Is all you are saying that you created a node in french first without an english?

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ya the node was created in french , THEN translated to english

the /admin/content view doesn't show the node
nor does the /admin/dashboard/deployment/deploy view

also, we had problems deploying in french so we made a rewrite rule for the admin/dashboard/deployment/deploy path to always go to english but I think that's a seperate bug

/fr/admin/content does not show the node with french source language
nor does /en/admin/content
only the nodes that were created with English as a source language show up.

I looked at the views and didn't see where this would be changed. it might be a bug in a contrib module causing this, or maybe a bug in views.

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This works for me, perhaps when you made your french node you didn't hit the translate button and hit add? This adds the entity translation linkage.

Reproduction Steps:

1) go to: node/add/wetkit-page
2) Title: Title FR
Body: Body FR
Language: French
3) Save
4) Hit Translate Tab
5) Select add link next to english section
6) French Values will initially be added to English Side of Screen
7) Change Title: Title EN
Body: Body EN
Language: english
8) Save

Everything works and appears in both screens. My guess is you didn't select the translate tab and just saved the nodes in english and french without that step.

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ok, let me retest

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Ok, to repeat this do steps as documented above AND:

create a whole bunch of new revisions (say 5 or 6) and publish

revert to one of the new revisions you created, create a few more revisions and publish

then delete ALL previous revisions until only the current revision is shown.

NOW visit /admin/content and /admin/dashboard/deployment/deploy

the node is not seen in those views. Not sure if this is a workbench moderation issue, but it occurs on the OLD workbench moderation distro dev version november 26 AND the new distro dec13 with the new workbench moderation.

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How are you deleting those old revisions? This is starting to look like an edge case that might make more sense in workbench moderation queue. Depends on how u r deleting the revisions.

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We're deleting the revisions using the moderate tab in node/edit

Agreed, if we can confirm that this is a workbench moderation issue then we should move this to the workbench moderation queue.

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node/36/moderation , using the delete link from this page

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at this point I'M not 100% sure if the source language or translation of the node has anything to do with it. More testing would be needed to isolate the issue.

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Title: node source language is 'french' , isn't visible in deploy, nor in admin/content » workbench revision deletes and views content display
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this bug is also affecting the following use-case:

create a node
translate it
publish it
edit draft
publish it

create another draft

now in the moderate tab, delete this draft

The content now disappears from /admin/content and /admin/dashboard/deployment

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Is there an associated workbench moderation issue for this so can be tracked?

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

I have track this issue and there is a fix / hack over at this issue:

#2734295: Entity Translation doSaveTranslations + Workbench Moderation

Am going to let that issue sit for a few days but will commit to distro after get validation won't introduce any regressions.

Not fond of the fix but definitely fixes the problem.

  • sylus committed af2fb5b on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Language for Issue #2635758: workbench revision deletes and...

  • sylus committed 3ff0191 on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Language for Issue #2635758: workbench revision deletes and...

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.