It would be great if jQuery update module included the minified version of jQuery. I would be fine with only providing the minified version, but if some folks need the option of serving readable javascript code then it would need to be a configurable option.

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There's a story behind this, of course. ;)

So jQuery UI, which is currently @ 1.5b4, requires this wack-ass version of jQuery which is somewhere between 1.2.4a and 1.2.4b, which is included with the tarball. I tried compiling the packed version of both of these from source, and neither one of them works. I also tried 1.2.4/5/6 "proper" and none of *them* work either.

So unfortunately, I'm stuck putting in there what they offer, since currently (to my knowledge) jQuery UI module is the only D6 module that requires this module.

Now, the GOOD news is that:

a) Eventually, jQuery UI "proper" will be released, which will also work with a "proper" version of jQuery which can then be minified.
b) You can just replace sites/all/modules/jquery_update/jquery.js with whatever version you want and it'll (er, should) behave as you expect.

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Marking a duplicate of #265644: D6 and jQuery 1.2.6, which will solve this problem at the same time.

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Removing the duplicate status since that issue didn't resolve this one.

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I made a few changes:
- Included the minified jquery file in the patch.
- Set jquery_update_get_version() to check the jquery version of the selected compression type.
- Added 2 submit handlers to the settings form. One to clear the javascript cache and one to check the version of jquery.

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Let's add that patch on there this time.

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I thought that might have enough code duplication to warrant a little helper function.

By the way, is there any way to include new files in diffs made on the command line, or do I have to fire up Eclipse to do that?

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Title: Include minified version of jQuery » Select compression level of jQuery
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Cool. This looks good overall. I changed the following:

- Added in a "none" option like in jQuery UI, and will rip out the setting from jQuery UI module, since it depends on this one anyway. I was talking to Nate and he mentioned that this is sometimes useful for debugging purposes.
- Added a little sentence to point this out. :P
- Named the files jquery.js, jquery.packed.js, and jquery.min.js, to follow jQuery's file naming conventions.
- Made the index key name of 'pack' to 'packed' to match its file name.
- Renamed the function jquery_update_path() to jquery_update_jquery_path() for clarity; the former sounded more like it would return the path to the module, not the jquery.js file.

Btw, yeah you can roll added/deleted files from the command line but it's a pain. I manually changed replace/CVS/Entries to the following:

/farbtastic.js/1.1/Sun Jun 15 04:07:15 2008//
/jquery.js/1.1/Sun Jun 15 04:07:15 2008//
D has this documented, though it's a pretty silly workaround. :P

I want to try and roll new releases of jQuery Update and jQuery UI early next week, and I'd love to include this with it so that people only need to freak out about files moving around once. :) Any way we could get another couple testers on this patch before it's committed?

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Isn't jQuery's filenaming convention pack not packed..

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Oh, shoot! I was looking at jQuery UI. Good call. Changed it back to 'pack'.

Also, I changed the preprocess function around slightly, so that it will perform the replacement logic when either the core version is equal to or greater than jQuery UI /or/ the compression type is set to something other than packed. This allows a module like jQuery UI to require jquery_update as a dependency, and still benefit from not having to duplicate the "choose a compression level" logic. Sound good?

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Tested and looked the patch over. Looks good and works for me.

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Thanks! Committed!

I'm going to let the 6.x-dev releases of jQuery Update and jQuery UI simmer over the weekend, but barring any bug reports, will roll out a release either Monday or Tuesday.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.