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MD5: a0e0e9f9bfc00e3a7e29c8620b60b1c9
SHA-1: eaa36627f1d5abb617af964a3c3533839030fa83
SHA-256: f7f6fa1382d7f2e8fb094eea8da9dadfc192507ec54ee23142c9c85487107396
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MD5: 7cb7f664266cc920635984108df92989
SHA-1: 3a8f5a181e87f106328d9980ca996dc81ed4fe05
SHA-256: e6da23b519d4c727c7950d959b87f169d98ede43acd9a1528295585dbac5818a

Release info

Created by: m.stenta
Created on: 4 Dec 2015 at 17:27 UTC
Last updated: 3 Jan 2016 at 19:23 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

  • Delete unused JavaScript.
  • #2617242: Moving from an area with commas in title results in multiple areas generated
  • Update Features export.
  • Update area reference field descriptions (multiple areas are now allowed).
  • Move all movement and asset location logic to a separate include file, for organization.
  • #2407239: Movements to multiple areas
  • #2579953: Asset cluster maps:
    • Add a View of Asset GeoJSON, with both full geometry, and centroid latitude+longitude.
    • Provide Openlayers sources for each asset type, using the new Views GeoJSON.
    • Provide a Full Geometry layer for each asset type.
    • Provide a map for each asset type that displays the full geometry layer.
    • Add a zoom-to-source component to the asset maps.
    • Create a cluster source and layer, and add the layer to the asset maps.
    • Create a popup component and add it to the asset maps.
    • Make asset names into links in GeoJSON Lat/Lon View.
    • Display a close button in the popup.
    • Turn off auto pan animation on asset cluster popups.


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