The Syndicated to: site doesn't take into account current language.

For instance when on a french page of the node when click the sitelinks in the "syndicated to" section it should link to the french node on the destination site.

Minor patch forthcoming. ^_^


sylus created an issue. See original summary.

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Attaching patch for review.

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Thanks for the patch!

Don't we have to take into account the possibility that there's no language in the URL at all, though? Otherwise it seems like this would give a 404 - Page Not Found on sites that don't have multiple languages (or that do but that don't have URL language path detection enabled).

Possibly another way to do this would be to make sure the desired language gets passed to the destination site somehow, and for the destination site to handle the redirection, if any (based on how its language system is configured).

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Yeah your right I also should have just done a check for entity_translation. I added that logic and changed the $language->language to $language->prefix and only modifying if exists. I will take a look at the other way of handling but this was simplest way for now :)