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Allows the use of client-side editors to edit content. It simplifies the installation and integration of the editor of your choice.

Because CKEditor is in Drupal 8 core, it is currently unlikely this module will be ported to Drupal 8.

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None yet

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No one

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#2619106: Drupal 8 version?


Kristen Pol created an issue. See original summary.

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Related issues: +#2619106: Drupal 8 version?
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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I think it's safe to call this one moved into core, though happy to be wrong.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

It's great to have a WYSIWYG in Core, but this module supported a lot more than CKEditor. Full list included CKEditor, EpicEditor, FCKeditor, jWysiwyg, markItUp, NicEdit, openWYSIWYG, TinyMCE, Whizzywig, WYMeditor, YUI editor.

Now perhaps this is in Core and I missed it. If so great.

I remember hearing discussions about the move to CKEditor bound us to that WYSIWYG, but not sure where that ended up. Perhaps there isn't another option for D8. That would be too bad. Not that I have anything against CKEditor, I just like options.

So I'm going to open this up again until there's clarity on this.

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I am sorry if I have misunderstood sth, but doesn't the Text Editor module in core do what this module did in Drupal 7?

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The Text Editor module provides space for CKEditor. A good WYSIWYG for sure. However, what if my team really wants TinyMCE? There are legit reasons for teams to want to use EpicEditor, jWysiwyg, markItUp, NicEdit, openWYSIWYG, TinyMCE, Whizzywig, WYMeditor, or YUI editor - and not CKEditor.

This module is about the choice of WYSIWYG.


The former shouldn't be upgraded, but I do think there is good reason for someone to consider upgrading the latter.

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This is really what I thought too, but I posted here after reading the Text Editor module's help page and its documentation on drupal.org. From there, I quote:

The Text Editor module is included in Drupal 8 core.

It is inspired, and in some parts functionally identical to the Drupal 7 Wysiwyg module.

The Text Editor module provides a framework to extend the user interface on text fields that allow HTML input. Without Text Editor module, fields accept only text where formatting must be typed manually, such as entering a tag to make text bold or an tag to italicize text. The Text Editor module allows these fields to be enhanced with rich text editors (assistive editors, WYSIWYG editors) or toolbars, which make entering and formatting content easier.

That caught me by surprise! I have no idea what the API provided by Text Editor allows and it would be nice to have a comparison of the two modules.

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To me, in Drupal 8, WYSIWYG module == Text Editor module. TinyMCE support in D8 would be provided by TinyMCE module, which is a separate project (along with all other editors), its D8 porting status tracked on its own right.

I would be in favour of marking this back to fixed.

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Well, this is true - but it is not also!

TinyMCE is a separate project, but has been replaced by Wysiwyg API back in 2009! So this could not be a real soultion today.

On the other hand: I welcome all the very best Wordpress like improvements of the GUI of D8! When I joined the community, I was sick about the "pure emptyness" of the GUI in core, and the overhelming effort, which was needed to make a wysiwyg editor to work. It is great, that this functionaltiy at last is in core.

But I'm sure, the best strength of Drupal, which is modularity and almost absurd customization possibilies will demand customization of text editors too. There is no real solution for this at the moment.

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Isn't that what the Editor module in core provides? CKEditor module hooks into the Editor module and provides functionality for CKEditor. It seems like others would do the same (TinyMCE, etc) to expose themselves as an option.

See: https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/core!modules!ckeditor!src!Plugin!Edito...

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Status: Active » Fixed


Moving back to fixed for now.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Closed (won't fix)

...and by that I meant this, to signify that it's moved into core.