Thank yo for providing new update. I wonder if it is possible to add images and cover pages to the records? Is it possible to view the records as such

Can one create categories like publication in History, Geography, Politics, Manuscripts ?


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No, currently you can't attach cover images, but this feature has been asked for a number of times, so I'll try to work something in soon.

As for categorizing, if your not already familiar with the taxonomy module ( you might want to check that out. You can use this to categorize any content on your site, however getting listings by category can be a bit tricky.

I was planning to introduce the notion of "collections" into biblio I'm just toying with how to do it and I might in fact use the taxonomy module to do it.


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I try to add cover and author pictures : i use cck for it,
take a look at
on the home page.

And somes inside
or with a view

The pictures are categorized within taxonomy after the add, as an image
(no time to include a taxo field..) Now I'm working on the biblio page make up...

Actually I begin to update the biblio module version with the lastest one (v5)

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Thanks, you have done a good job. That is what I need. I am new to Drupal. I need to learn what this taxonomy does and use its feature.

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Why the information is not represented. I can not see the name of Author listed in view records

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Thank you for updating the Biblio, now I can see the name of the Author/s , One thing is notable that I fill many fields but they are not listed in view mode. Like Translated Name for the book.
For some odd reason I have one item listed in section by just "(" please see here

I can not figure out why that record is not listed correctly.

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It appears you have them sorted by Author and the Author name of that record has a "(" character in it.

I'm not sure how you created the listing at, since the author links seem to have an older format (?q=biblio/author/McDowall) where I would have expected (?q=biblio/aid/3). Did you use views or something? There definitely something strange going on.

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I have installed the view but have not activated or use it yet. I was not sure how it works so I decided to read documentation before proceeding.

I Installed your first release of biblio on Drupal 6.0 then I upgraded to 6.2 and when you your update become available I just updated the biblio,

I have done database update and so on so I am not sure where that come from.

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When you upgraded biblio, did you overwrite the existing files or did you put the new one in a separate directory? If you put it in a separate directory, then that's your problem. You can't have two versions of the same module under the Drupal directory tree, even if the directories have different names.


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I did just over write the old one,
Shall I just go ahead and delete it and then upload a fresh module folder?

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That's probably a good idea, you might also want to check to make sure there are no other copies of the module hiding anywhere.


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It had picked up a ( from a name in ( name ) on the author filed. But still does not show the translation title.

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You might want to try the "tabular" style in the style group on the "admin/settings/biblio" page.

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:) perfect

I think you should make this one a default style, makes more sense.

Now we shall wait to get the function of Cover page Image for the records.

My project creates biography of the authors. Can I author name/s to content biography on my site or Wikipeia?

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I'm not sure what your asking here...

Can I author name/s to content biography on my site or Wikipeia?

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:) Sorry I wrote to fast,
Can I get the author name/s to link to a biography content *a page content which I have already created) on my site or a Biography page on

Let say, enable me to connect this (author)

to this record (biography of the author)

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Sorry, no you can't. Maybe this is a feature I could add, I'll think about it.

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Thank you, I do not mean to be greedy it is just feedback which I think you can use.
Have these function makes the listing more useful and interactive, they become more than just a listing book info.

Good luck with hard work

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That's fine, I always welcome suggestions, I just can't make any promises as to when they will be implemented, due to many demands on my time.


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Title: Add cover book image » Type Journal Article

I added new record as Journal Article to day

First I realise that there is no filed represented for the name no the Journal. When I used one of the costume one it appeared as rich text rather than normal text field. Is it possible to select what type a costume field should be Text or Rich-text

Than the name of the author does not appear in the listing

When you add the Biblio record the form has unreasonable order, is there any way you can arrearage the form?

Any way to remove the default front page promotion of Biblio subissions?

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Title: Type Journal Article » add more authors

furthermore the name of authors in snot shown for book type neither. The previous version did not have this problem.

When I click on adding more author (more than 4) the fields was update and showed me only one filed and had deleted the previous authors name. I am not sure what happened but I edited the recode and satisfied my self with 4 of the 6 authors for the book.

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I also have the problem reported in a comment above, namely, that there is no field for the journal name. Would you mind adding such a field?

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Title: add more authors » Authors filed is not showing
Version: 6.x-1.0-beta5 » 6.x-1.0-beta7

I had this problem with Beta 6 and now I have updated to Beta 7 but still have the same problem that Authors name is not showing on the list or view for the individual bibliography record, please see

What should I do:

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Did you run /update.php after you upgraded to beta7?

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Yes I did and many filed in the database were updated. I could see the report. What might case this problem?

Some of them of very early record I made had the author filed but when I upgraded and updated those where disappeared as well.

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I think beta8 should resolve the disappearing author problem.


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It works fine and I have the Author names now.

The front page of the module is the list of all records. How can this be workable when let say you have 2000 records?

Will it be batter to have the list at the first page as

[ ] BIBLIO SEARCH (advance search)

|A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | P |
| Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | [OTHERS]

PHOTOS ....(if there any record in them they will be at this front section page list)


So this way the bibio have a front page (front page section)

I just add this to this point which I found today

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Category: support » feature
Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

The various requests in here would all be solved by #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module. Either that directly solves these issues or it allows use of existing modules that would resolve them.