# Summary

Zen is a powerful, components-based starting theme with a responsive, mobile-first grid design.

# Project URL


# Where is the code?

In the Zen 8.x-7.x-dev release or via Git: https://www.drupal.org/project/zen/git-instructions

# Estimated completion date

During Drupalcon New Orleans's Friday sprint?

# Dependencies

Many Sass and node.js dependencies. And now a dependency on Components Libraries module. See #474684-93: Allow themes to declare dependencies on modules

# Who's doing the port?

JohnAlbin and whoever submits patches!

# What help do they need?

All the things listed on the roadmap.

# D8 roadmap

#2052399: [Meta] Port Zen to Drupal 8

# Background and reference information


joegraduate created an issue. See original summary.

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Priority: Minor » Normal
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Just a word of thanks in advance to JohnAlbin and any others involved in this making this port. Zen is unbeatable in my book!

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Chiming in with my support. Zen-8.x is going to be a prerequisite for me switching over to 8 for new site development. Very much looking forward to it!

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I am anxiously awaiting this as well! Zen is fantastic and like the previous poster I won't be switching to 8 without it! Thank you for your work!!

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Is Zen coming for Drupal 8? 3 months since last comment?

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I also would very much like to know if it's coming...

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Please inform us if you plan to release Zen for drupal 8 or not.
Thank you

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Issue summary: View changes

Actively working on it now.

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Issue summary: View changes
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Status: Needs work » Needs review

Alpha4 is out.

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Priority: Normal » Major
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I tried Zen 8.0-7.x-alpha11 (alpha 8 as first) but i keep running into the following message when i try the standard theme:

Template "@STARTERKIT/navigation/skip-link/skip-link.twig" is not defined (Drupal\Core\Template\Loader\ThemeRegistryLoader: Unable to find template "@STARTERKIT/navigation/skip-link/skip-link.twig" in the Drupal theme registry.) in "themes/zen/STARTERKIT/templates/layout/html.html.twig" at line 43.

What goes wrong here?


Gert Jan Kruizinga.

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We are now nearly a year since Drupal 8 was released ...

If, like me, you were relying on Zen to theme your site, then I guess we're all out of luck!

John Albin? Are you still planning on delivering Zen for Drupal 8?

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I love this theme for D7 and would like to start using it for my next D8 build anyone know when we might have a stable release? I tried using a sub-theme built with drush and was getting a bunch of errors related to the parent Zen theme ./zen/zen-internals/theme-registry.inc. Not sure if it's cause I'm using 8.2.3 (latest at this time) but thought I'd checkin as there have not been many posts recently. Thanks to everyone working on this theme, keep up the great work!

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I'm curious about the plan for a supported D8 release as well.

I have D8 projects to build right now. Is anyone successfully using the somewhat elderly -dev release in production?

Should I switch to a different starter theme for D8? What are other folks who relied on Zen in D7 doing about this?

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> Should I switch to a different starter theme for D8? What are other folks who relied on Zen in D7 doing about this?

@jerry: I was a big Zen fan on my D6 and D7 sites. I've recently switched to Bootstrap and haven't looked back. :|

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I have really liked using Zen on D7 and all my thanks are to JohnAlbin and the rest of the team for the effort they have put in it in all the years!

Unfortunately I have to upgrade now from D7 to D8 doing a major revision of the site. So far I have waited for Zen to be released on D8 but the feedback is somehow discouraging. There is only an alpha-version out there and this is already 6 months old. I guess this theme will loose a lot of followers/users ... . Sad!

Sometimes things change in life and John might not have the time anymore to get all the work done. All the best for the new 2017, and that Zen finally speeds up! Perhaps it is too late for me but others may join.

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As John Albin says himself in this issue ( https://www.drupal.org/node/2772645 ) :

The Zen of yesteryear is Classy. Classy is a simple base theme, just templates and CSS files. If you want that simplicity, it is built right into Drupal core already.

He's right. I have been using classy myself on recent D8 projects, and it works great. It's basically very similar to how Zen D7 used to be.

The one thing that I found missing was SASS; but you can build that yourself easily. You just have to realize that the CSS that comes with classy is also valid SASS ( SASS is just CSS with more structure), and include that CSS in a SASS build-file ( just adapt one from another theme ).