# Summary

ThemeKey allows you to define simple or sophisticated theme-switching rules which allow automatic selection of a theme depending on current path, taxonomy terms, language, node-type, and many, many other properties.

There is a development release for the D8 version of the module.

# Project URL


# Where is the code?


# Estimated completion date


# Dependencies


# Who's doing the port?


# What help do they need?

Asking for help on the project page " But to be honest, the port / re-write of all the ThemeKey features will take a lot of time. To speed it up we need more developers or some funding to spend more time on it. Feel free to contact us."

# D8 roadmap


# Background and reference information



legaudinier created an issue. See original summary.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

Setting to NW since there is not a tagged release.

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Hello,I'm waiting for themekey, when do you plan to release a stable D8 version ?

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Just wanted to share a sandbox project I've created to switch theme based on the menu of the page: Menu-driven theme

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You think I can use the dev with 8.2.3? Thx.