A URL pasted into an email has reproduced there as follows:


The end part looks horrible and isn't very user-friendly. In the browser, by contrast, it shows up as:


This looks better although in /admin/config/search/path/settings all punctuation is being removed, including periods/full stops.

The actual title of the event in Drupal is "Lean, Mean and Green - Dispelling the myth that sustainable materials are inferior…." - actually four full stops, or if you look closely three close together followed by one slightly apart from the others.

The only reason I can think for this is that the title was pasted into the node submit form from MS Word, which had autocorrected the first three periods into an ellipsis, which I guess is regarded as a separate character.

To stop this happening in the future, is there anything else in Pathauto settings where I can automatically remove an ellipsis as well as the other punctuation marks?


awebmanager created an issue.

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Has anybody looked into this issue since it was opened?