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This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

Have an active community-based wiki-type site but struggling to keep the spam down? That's why I built this module. I maintain a Drupal site that allows users to edit the content, wiki-style, as well as having active forums. We get about 5-10 new users a day, and because of the amount of spam user accounts we were seeing, we currently manually promote users from 'blocked' to 'active'. It simply wasn't good enough to use Mollom and require users to validate their email address - we were getting real people applying for accounts who could validate their account and then spam happily away in the comments and forums.

This module lets trusted users vote on whether or not they think users are legit or spam. Enough votes up, the user is set to active. Enough votes down, the user is removed from the approval queue.

You can read more about how I built the module at this blog post titled User Moderation Sandbox Project for Drupal - Community Management of New Users to Avoid Spammers and Trolls

Check out the README.txt for more information on installing, configuring, and using.

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