Since update to 7.13

Using pattern node:product (which is the product title).
have aliases:

Add a node with same title: item-name
Adds a new alias
product/item-name (which now exists twice)

also when editing a product, eg item-name-0, if the box is ticked on update to create new alias and delete the old , when try to edit or delete an item the alias in the box is product/item-name and it fails with alias already in use.

Have reverted to 7.12 and solved my current issues


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I tried your scenario and I could not reproduce your issue.

I created a new content type, called Product and added a new field (field_product). Used that field as pattern and everytime I create a new product node, pathauto works nicely.

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I have the same problem as described in #1’s picture

Can you please describe step-by-step how to reproduce it?
I have a clean Drupal instalation, configured pathauto for pattern product/[node:title] and then created 3 nodes:
1. Title: Item-Name
Alias: product/item-name
2. Title: Item Name
Alias: product/item-name-0
3. Title: Item Name
Alias: product/item-name-1

Also, my autopath settings is set to 'Create a new alias. Delete the old alias.' when updating an existing content.

What am I missing to reproduce this?

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I don't use a clean installation. I have 10+ sites running Drupal 7.41. They have all been updated over time. The issue occurred after updating from pathauto 7.12 to 7.13

Configured pathauto for pattern [node:title] and then created 3 nodes:

1. Title: Item-Name
Alias: item-name
2. Title: Item Name
Alias: item-name
3. Title: Item Name
Alias: item-name

Now I have three alias with the same name: item-name

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I can confirm this problem exists on Pathauto 1.3 with Drupal 7.41

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Are you creating these nodes that have the same title but in different languages?

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I just found out what my problem was. Check out this #2795635 if your using a different db than Mysql.