I am currently building a portal for the arts community in Malaysia.

I uploaded the event.module which was downloaded from http://sourceforge.net following a suggestion from a forum post here.

As I am working with arts programming, the module is not satisfactory as it provides dates and times for only one-off events.

I am not a PHP programmer hence this request:

Would someone be able to modify the above module such that there is an option for

1. One-off events

2. Periodical (on-of-on-of) events

3. Duration events (start date to end date)

These modifications were inspired by a calendaring programme I was using provided by www.calsplus.com which I have also incorporated in my portal here.

See the original page raw here.

I am not a programmer but this site is helping me learn some tricks pretty fast. Thanks guys.


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Component: usability » modules
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Component: modules » User interface
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I haven't really been keeping up with the event module, but I know end date was in there before. It seems at some point the module was simplified, but I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this.

I plan to re-add the end date and add support for reoccuring events for the Drupal 4.3 release.

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Thanks for the work thus far, Kjartan. If I may throw you a challenge, how far from looking and working like this:
... do you think is the Drupal events module?

Or am I being too greedy?

If you would like to explore the administration, I'd be happy to grant you permission.


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artsee: That calendar of yours is seriously too crowded to be usable.
Also, this feature request is abot recurring events etc.

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Title: Fine-tuning Event.Module » recurring events

see node/view/4129

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Hi there -- I see that this item is now showing up as a duplicate feature request, however the referred item is about Site-wide reminders, not recurring events. Can someone explain?


What is needed is not a personal (individualised) reminder, but something that allows (general) events to be flagged on repeating days. It's quite a common feature of most event calendars.