Address Field Lookup provides an abstracted API which enables addresses to be looked-up via any number of 'Address Field Lookup Services'. The module relies on Address Field for its underlying architecture. The scope of this module is to provide an addressfield handler that will provide postcode lookup functionality based on the default lookup service.



  • Abstracted API which allows any number of 'address field lookup services' to be defined.
  • Ships with a sub-module providing integration with PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere).
  • Comprehensive suite of hooks for providing services, altering data pre/post lookup and providing service-bespoke addressfield alterations.
  • Test facility to check the validity of an 'Address Field Lookup Service'

Address Field Lookup Services

Address Field Lookup services can be defined through the module API, the main entry point for this being hook_addressfield_lookup_service_info. Documentation can be found in addressfield_lookup.api.php. Each service needs to provide its own handler class which implements the AddressFieldLookupInterface defined within this module.

Each service is required to provide its own configuration interface via the form API. The actual details of the configuration can be fully bespoke to the

PCA Predict (Formerly Postcode Anywhere)

The sub-module for PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere) provides its integration via the following web services:

The module has it's own configuration page at the following URL:


To use this module you will a login and API key for PCA Predict (formerly Postcode Anywhere), which you can get from their sign-up page.


  • Enable the Address Field Lookup module.
  • Clear cache.
  • Navigate to the field settings for an 'addressfield' field instance. Then select 'Address Field Lookup' as a format handler (see screenshot).

Address field lookup handler


Configuration for the module can be found at the following URL:


This configuration page will allow to view all currently available address lookup services. You can choose the default service and configure each of the services individually.

All addressfield instances will have an 'Address Field Lookup' handler available.


See README.txt in the module folder.

Version 2.x

Version 2.x of Address Field Lookup aims to create a more maintainable codebase and an easier process of integration for service developers. This version contains API breaking changes so anyone upgrading will see issues with 1.x integrations. For more details see API.txt in the module folder.

Supporting organizations: 
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