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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:08

Release notes

Note for PHP4 users: HTML Purifier has officially dropped support for PHP4 entirely, so we no longer support this module on PHP4 either.

(This is a bugfix release for 5.x-1.2, fixing a fatal error on the configure page with early versions of HTML Purifier. Otherwise, it is identical to 5.x-1.2)

Barring any major bugs or security problems, this is the last release for Drupal 5.x. There were some complaints about not being able to do essentials such as restrict allowed tags, and the whatnot, so I bolted on, using Drupal's forms API, some extra configuration options for you all to fiddle around with. Namely:

  • Allowed HTML elements and attributes
  • Forbidden HTML elements and attributes (requires HTML Purifier 3.1.0rc1 or later!)
  • Autoparagraphing and linkification (enabled by default)

Also, those of you who didn't follow my advice and uninstall/reinstall HTML Purifier when we released 5.x-1.1 will be happy to know that the installer will now take care of that automatically (untested for PostgreSQL, though, although it should work.) Also, there's a minor bugfix with regards to the YouTube filter.

Once again, keep your eyes peeled for a Drupal 6.x release, which will probably be synchronized with HTML Purifier 3.1.0 final and will let access all of HTML Purifier's configuration directives as well as improved user-friendliness.

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