I am running on Windows 8.1; 8MB memory; 1TB SSD hard drive (Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro) with the acquia devdesktop 2 installed versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP as follows:

Database server
Server: via TCP/IP
Server type: MySQL
Server version: 5.5.39-log - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
Protocol version: 10
User: root@localhost (yes I know I should have a password etc., but have been trying to get my sites
back and entered simple settings this time))
Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

Web server
Apache/2.4.10 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1p mod_fcgid/2.3.9
Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: my hash.......ddb3e $
PHP extension: mysqli Documentation

Version information: 4.3.7, latest stable version:
Official Homepage
Get support
List of changes

I cannot get any of my acquia devdesktop 2 sites to start since setting an option on the drupal8.0.0-beta15 configuration page.

I think setting the drupal 8 configuration option for media/file-system to a new path caused my problem.

I had heard someone at the sprint mention changing a reference to C:\windows\temp to a local file location, and I expected this option was where I thought that must have been done - also believing this was where my local media files would be stored (for gallery photos, user pictures, etc.).

When I click on my local site name now, instead of executing the install (or starting the site), the screen blips and comes right back - it appears it has done nothing, but it actually creates an install.php every time (now I have 5 install.php files in my file download folder).

It seems the media/file-system has set the new value at the windows 8.1 level (as a path?), or in the registry - I am lost what to try next.

I believe no one should be able to blow away their whole environment by setting an option on the new drupal 8 configuration settings page, especially with no warnings. I have now lost my drupal 7 work in devdesktop 2 as well as drupal 8 - nothing works. I will try to restore what I had at home when I get back tomorrow (Monday, Sept 28).

I had the following sites running fine until I turned on the above drupal8.0.0-beta15 configuration option:
drupal 7.39 site (with civiCRM 4.6.8)
drupal 8.0.0 beta15.

I have totally uninstalled acquia devdesktop 2, restarted my machine, and re-installed acquia devdesktop 2.
And I still get the same result.

As an application architect and implementation person, vs. a developer (of code), I am not too sure what to include here beyond the above. But after I reset the media/file-system I lost all site execution capability.

#4 dump_r57642_2014-12-08_21-53-58.zip1.93 KBbarbarae
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barbarae created an issue. See original summary.

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This is very interesting. The white screen of death, do you have anything in the Apache error log? Could you please try setting the error reporting to verbose in settings.php $config['system.logging']['error_level'] = ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_VERBOSE and then see whether you get anything instead of a white screen.

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Why would changing the configuration of one site be affecting all the sites on a web server?
Are all the websites displaying the white screen?
It seems more to be a web server related issue... Anyway let's wait to see the logging as chx suggested

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Yes all screens show the white screen of death - even the drupal 7 site I had.

I've attached the "crash-dump" file from the "new" install. I will try again when I get to the lounge awaiting our plane.

Thanks for any assistance. I think one challenge is that I'm missing the databases from my original sites before reinstalling acquia devdesktop 2. Sorry - it was late and I forgot acquia store them in a different place than other tools. When I get home I can recover those. But I should have been able to install a new drupal 8 set? Problem is that I can't install anything from a white screen ;-(

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I am inclined to think there's nothing to do here and this is not a Drupal 8 problem at all: you have a crash in libssh2 called by libgit2. That's ... not our problem? I would report to Acquia because they will know how libgit2 enters the picture. I am leaving this open for a bit but I think it should be closed.

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Version: 8.0.0-beta15 » 8.0.x-dev
Priority: Major » Normal
Issue tags: -views configuration schema, -Configuration system, -configuration
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To elaborate because I see the above is not clear: Drupal 8 does not integrate with git. More, PHP doesn't integrate with git unless an extension is installed.

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I didn't use git - using the acquia devdesktop with the acquia direct download (which worked fine before touching the media/file-system setting).

Because everyting worked totally fine until changing the one setting, it seems that setting is the culprit. And whomever can help, from a "user"/implementer persepective, I need a pointer to where to get help. So at the very least, even if this turns out to be acquia's doing, we need documentation to help others when they fall into this trap.

Any suggestions on an acquia contact point? I will create a help doc if this turns out to be an acquia issue.

Meanwhile - where is the config setting stored that refers the the media/file-system setting when it is set on the drupal 8 configuration page? I can search through the folders on my machine, but have not found it yet ?


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Adding to #2, it is essential to see the web server error log.

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My appologies for being slow to respond - I am in the Miai airport and waiting to board another flight. I am rather stuck until I get home late tonight. I will send more info tomorrow - and thank you so much for your help!!

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Good morning from Dallas (5:05am).

Now that I am home from Barcelona, I have a complete machine backup (from our Windows Server 2012 backup/restore system).

The net result of my original query is: the Apache logs must have been full and could no longer write errors/access-messages there so it seems I received nothing but a return to the screen described below. This seems a dangerous result (as I have now lost several sites and months of work unless you are willing to dig around and figure out how to get it all back). Does Drupal 8 handle errors differently than Drupal 7 - because the last access message written to the Apache access log was from July 29th 2015, and the last error message was August 21st 2015. This must have been the problem though, because when I emptied them, I was finally able to make progress (described below).

It would help tremendously to have a diagram of where Acquia puts all the "pieces" that make up the desktop - so it looks like Chx has a good point that I need some feedback from Acquia. All the files and the data exist on my laptop, but nothing was connecting - at all. I have only gotten the screen either to:
1. start from scratch I don't have an existing Drupal site
2. start with an existing Drupal site located on my computer
3. start with an existing Drupal site hosted on Acquia Cloud

I just checked the log files under "C:\Users\Barbara\.acquia\DevDesktop\DevDesktop\apache\logs" and I finally found a problem and can now re-install - although I have lost the connection from my drupal 7.39 / civiCRM 4.6.8 databases. After I get drupal 7 working, I'll import my latest db backup and hope I have my site back.

The Apache access log was full !!! Hence when I got a message at some point last Thursday evening, nothing worked after that. The strange thing is that the newest errors in the logs went way back to July and August og this year?

After I emptied the log files so they could start over, I finally got an error message !!! When a log gets too full, it just stops with zero messages to the implementer? I have been clearing my errors and warnings out of the log reports from my drupal local sites, but had not cleared the Apache log files by manually deleting the old entries. Is that correct behavior ?

Once I finally had an error, I could try to open the drupal 7 site. I had to "tell" the desktop to initialize multi-site (again), and then I finally had an install screen - some partial joy.

I see all my previous site modules exist, but of course the work I had done to refine Drupal 7.39 with civiCRM 4.6.8 backend application is missing (the database had to be re-installed). I will try to import my latest database backup now to see if I can get all the work I had done over several months back again.

I will let you know what happens - this will take a while. So far I am still figuring out what all is broken.

Any other ideas on how to avoid this problem? Anything else I can send you that would help?
Thank you for your patience. barbarae

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

I am glad to hear you made progress on the problem!

Nevertheless, I am going to echo what @chx said in #5 and say that the Drupal core issue queue is not the place for support on Acquia Dev Desktop. Acquia maintains a support forum that seems better-suited.

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Your response may seem obvious to you - but to me, as a user, I am left a bit hanging unsure what is next.

Considering all was fine when running drupal 7, I have to think that Drupal 8 is doing something different ?
Seems that is a Drupal 8 issue - even though running in the Devdesktop?