# Summary

What it does: The Domain Access project is a suite of modules that provide tools for running a group of affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database. The module allows you to share users, content, and configurations across a group of sites such as:

  • example.com, one.example.com, two.example.com
  • thisexample.com <-- can use any domain string
  • example.com:3000 <-- treats non-standard ports as unique

Why it is needed / common use cases:

  • multilingual websites using the domain prefix language setting and needs distinct access by domain (e.g.: example.com, example.jp, example.co.uk)

(A sentence or two describing what this module does and why it's needed as well as a sentence on current porting status, if known.)

# Project URL


# Where is the code?


# Estimated completion date

Unknown by creator of this issue.

# Dependencies

(What other modules does this one depend on? Ideally, link to the dependent project issue if it already exists.)

# Who's doing the port?

Agent Rickard / Palantir

# What help do they need?

(Are there specific types of resources (e.g. skillsets, $, sprints) that would be helpful to expedite porting?)
Unknown by creator of this issue.

# D8 roadmap

#2313313: Domain Access D8 port

# Background and reference information

(Links to any other helpful information, documentation, etc.)
Unknown by creator of this issue.


Aimee Degnan created an issue. See original summary.

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Priority: Critical » Major
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Hello, when do you plan to release a stable D8 version ?

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Issue summary: View changes

Intensive work ongoing in early December

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The primary work is here -- https://github.com/agentrickard/domain

There is a detailed release checklist here -- https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/blob/8.x-1.x/CHANGELOG.md

Contributor onboarding here -- https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/blob/8.x-1.x/README.md

Open issues, tagged by Alpha, Beta, and Final release -- https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/issues

These are the Alpha release blockers:


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hello agentrickard

will the drupal 8 version be released any time soon?

i can live with bugs as long as there is an upgrade path...
we really need to get a drupal 6 site upgraded now...

thanks for your hard work!

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Hello, I'm also interested in the module.
I can contribute under some guidance.

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If you can help knock out the Alpha issues listed on GitHub, then the module can be considered stable.

I estimate about 160 hours left to finish the port, which would take me 3-4 months of weekends.

We haven't even worked on the migration path, however.

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I have busy schedule now, will get back here when have free time

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i'm waiting for domain theme,and thanks for your hard work!!

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At this point, a module for Domain Theme seems unlikely. The UX work may be too burdensome.

However, it may *just work* if you use domain_config.

See https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/issues/102

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See https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/issues/102

sorry,still don't know how to config the theme

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I am looking to use Domain Access for Commerce site.
Is it possible to include the Products, Stores, Taxonomies, Menu, etc. in the list for content control? Or for Commerce will be something different?

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Theme settings are just configuration yml files now. So you can export a YML file, rename it 'domain.config.[DOMAIN_MACHINE_NAME].[CONFIG.NAME].yml' edit it, and then import to your site.

There is no UI for that, and we'd like to know what breaks when you try that. I would start with system.theme and create a file like so:


admin: seven // set this to something other than your main site.
default: bartik // this too!
  default_config_hash: fOjer9hADYYnbCJVZMFZIIM1azTFWyg84ZkFDHfAbUg
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That's a complex, advanced use-case that I don't intend to support in the core module. Drupal core doesn't provide a native access control API for all entities, just for nodes.

The API in Domain is stable enough that you could use it to add the same domain fields to other entities, and then write the query alters necessary to enforce access control.

See https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/blob/8.x-1.x/domain_access/domain... and https://github.com/agentrickard/domain/tree/8.x-1.x/domain_access/tests/... for how to install the Domain Access fields on other entity types.

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Thanks! it works!
you are a big help to me

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While being logged in as admin, the Domain Access doesn't have any effect (content type - Basic Pages).
The content is displayed per domain only when logged out.
Are there settings which I missed and should pay attention to?

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@British-Link you are likely checking as the site administrator, which by default bypasses this. Best to create a test user and check with it.

Also, worth noting that this issue is not really the place for support questions. Best to either open a new on on GitHub. Hopefully the 8.x alpha will make it to drupal.org soon, so usual issues can be created on d.o.

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Status: Needs work » Needs review

The first alpha is out.

Changing status to "Needs review" to reflect that.

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The link provided is wrong.
Could you double check and correct it?

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thanks so much for your hard hard work and your alpha guys!

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Where the main development happens? looks github has more activity

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Github, though I sync back releases here.

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@agentrickyard wrote in #16:
> Drupal core doesn't provide a native access control API for all entities, just for nodes.

I guess you already have an eye on that issue. If not:
See #777578-179: Extend the entity access system with a new grants API (and deprecate the query-alter-based node grants API) and the hopefully upcoming Entity Access Policies module. We surely want to keep an eye on that.

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