I have read several articles about the views module, but or
they are out of date.
or there is a problem in my drupal.
or it is just my brain who is not functioning...

just that all the time i get that : "Unable to preview due to validation errors"

and that : Display Page uses path but path is undefined

i'm trying and writing a path but it just won't except it.

in one article they have just write "/archive/"
and said it should work, but it just won't except nothing i write inside.

when I create a block still i cannot see it in the block list...

what should i do to make a simple view page ?

Thank you


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I'm having the same problem. "Display Page uses path but path is undefined."

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Just found this thread as had same problem
One thing, though - I found can create blocks w Views ok (problem starts when choose page); so maybe see if blocks can be helpful here - Views blocks can be great for navigation, say.
And, hopefully someone will advise re arguments, to get pages going. (Any sample pages among the default views?)
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I think you will need to turn off clean urls.

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I am also having the same problem,,,,

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On the left side of the view, click on the 'Page' display. In the left column beneath the Basic Settings block you should see an entry that says "Path: none". Click that. Enter your path there.

Thanks to merlinofchaos http://drupal.org/node/275224#comment-897612

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> beneath the Basic Settings block you should see an entry that says "Path: none".

It's not there.

Drupal 6.4; Path module is enabled.
Is there some other module on which all this depends?


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I was confused

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Sam problem. Path not there..

- Victor
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In drupal 6.6 I enabled the 'path' module in siteconfig/modules and it appeared in the view module as described.

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Also (since this one just got me...), be sure you are viewing the "Page" settings, not the "default" settings. When it displays the error, it quietly goes back to the "default" settings tab, so the "Path:" setting is hidden.

Click the "Page" settings tab and you should see it.

Search for "Path" using your browser's "search in page" function (Firefox' "highlight all" is good for this).

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The error might be referring to a different display in the view than you are working on.

Be sure that you click on the "Page" display and change the path setting. You might be working on, for example, a "News page" when you see this error. However, if you also have a display called simply "Page" in your list of displays, the error will be referring to the lack of a path in this "Page" display setting, not your "News page" settings.

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Onopoc has the answer. The display is a bit busy and the bits get lost. Especially when the dialog pops up below that shows what looks like an entry field for the path.

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This was the thing I was looking for, now my view is live updating at the page that I have defined!!

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thanks dude, it helped me :)

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I was getting the same error: "Display "Page" uses a path but the path is undefined." - even though the page display I was working on HAD a path set (by going to Page settings > path and adding a path).

However, I was on the "News page" display that I was creating. In the list of displays for this particular view, I also had a display called "Page". So, I clicked on the "Page" display and gave THAT a path. The error message is now gone.

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regarding the path, if you are using the page display, it is required. and validation errors appears if you dont have fields but you set row style to fields.

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in views
1) hit page tab
2) under page settings hit the link next to "path"
3) field comes up and i type in 'taxonomy' (i want to see a list of my tax)
4) hit update
5) the link 'taxonomy' appears next to "path"
and underneath i see this

Live preview
Display "Page" uses a path but the path is undefined.

pls help!

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I'm having the same problem -- I've input a path and I still get that error. Any ideas?

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did u put?


I have clean urls and pathauto which I think let me do it also.

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I've just used words/made up words for my paths. (I'be barely a clue what arguments do! - use pathauto, so don't see arguments in URLs)

After "Update", maybe try "Save", see if then works.

What about word like "taxonomy" - already in use for something else, so Views page with this would clash with an existing page?
Maybe try different word for path.

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all you have to do is

-> view -> page -> path:settings -> path:none

click on path n enter the path there... and it would work.

Page ->> select this option for to get the path:setting

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Path is filled, but still not working.

Keep getting "Unable to preview due to validation errors.", therefore it won't let me save the view, however everything seems to be set correctly.

I have tried to create new node view, but when I set Style:Calendar, I get "Unable to preview due to validation errors."

Any idea?

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This forum is "module development".

If you are simply trying to figure out how to use the "Views" module, you are in the wrong forum. If you are simply using "Views" , you should be in the "post installation" forum.

If you are writing a module. please post your code so that we can reference the details.

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uhhh this IS the post-installation forum.

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Your advice does not seem to do the trick for me:
I have successfully created my View, having set the various "Defaults" settings (on the /build/views/edit/... webpage)
As far as I can tell I have followed the suggested procedure to create a display under the page "Basic settings":
Under "Page settings" I have selected Menu Type: "Normal menu entry", [and I typed in a Title and description for the menu]
Is there something important about the "Page: The menu path or URL of this view" (displayed after clicking path:none) that I am not aware of that is causing the error message "Display "Page" uses a path but the path is undefined" to display? Is there some particular value that I am meant to give this input to stop this error message from being triggered?
I am using Drupal 6.16; Views 6.x-2.10; Filefield 6.x-3.3

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The message suggests you don't have a value for the path. Even something like "first-view" would suffice; should then be visible at www.example.com/first-view.
If you have entered something, I wonder if might be same as an existing page *say, "contact" would not work for many sites; "taxonomy" perhaps would clash).

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Was having the error of validation and page not found.

Created a view again and first added some fields and filter in the default view.
Thereafter added the page, gave its path and the error was gone.

Hope it helps someone!

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I am having kind of a simliar problem using Views in drupal 7.

This is my goal - to make a page titled .com/log/username.

I cannot figure out how to make this work using page settings in Views I have tried many things such as: log/[user:name], log/[many different tokens], log/% and using user name as an argument.

Anyone know how to do this?

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In case anyone was wondering I have learned the answer to this question from gbrands.

You input the following code (dependent on which field you want of course).

global $user;
$user = user_load($user->uid);
return array(
$user->field_1[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’] => $user->field_1[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’],
$user->field_2[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’] => $user->field_2[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’],
$user->field_3[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’] => $user->field_3[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’],
$user->field_4[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’] => $user->field_4[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’],
$user->field_5[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’] => $user->field_5[LANGUAGE_NONE][0][‘value’],

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How I did to update all nodes creation dates:


VIEW NAME = updatenodesdate


Make sure that PAGE is selected then -> ADD DISPLAY


Modify node fields (views_bulk_operations_fields_action) -> UPDATE

Display fields -> Authoring information (authoring)

Under PAGE SETTINGS click PATH and type your path: updatenodesdate -> UPDATE

Click + next to FIELDS TICK "Node: Post date" -> ADD -> UPDATE AND OVERRIDE



GO TO www.yoursite.com/updatenodesdate

It works but I wonder if it is the correct way to do ?


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Why do they make Drupual SO DARN HARD. Whatever happened to "user friendly".

THE FIX.... Once you click on EDIT at the VIEWS main page you will be inside the DISPLAYS section. Find PAGE SETTINGS or BLOCK SETTINGS tabs on this same page (center column). Fined "Path." You can now make a path to your view. Note: you cannot do in the MASTER tab.