# Summary

CRM Core is a set of modules that provide contact management functionality within Drupal web sites. The module supports contacts, relationships and activities, and provides various UI elements can can (optionally) be used for maintaining these entities. It also provides support for identifying duplicate contacts, linking contact records to user accounts, and generating reports.

# Project URL


# Where is the code?


# Estimated completion date


# Dependencies


# Who's doing the port?

MD Systems

# What help do they need?

# D8 roadmap

# Background and reference information


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Title: CRM Core » [crm_core] CRM Core
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Does anyone have any info on where things are with the port? I've never contributed before but I'm interested in helping; and I also have some funding coming in from a client who needs this to move. Where might we start?

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MD Systems are doing a great job on GitHub and I'm going to continue their work in porting very soon.

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Would love to use Drupal 8 for a small CRM I'm working on right now. Will try this and hope to start contributing patches if it looks like it could work within my timeframe. Love to hear any updates on what's going on!

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Porting moved to Drupal.org so anyone can join here in the CRM Core issue queue.

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Hi - how is this going? Is it at a point where you need testers or documentation yet?


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How about CRM Core for D8? Are there any plans to continue with?
As far as I see it doesn't advance as long as the relation module don't advance?

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Hi there, this sounds perfect for my needs, hopefully this is ported to 8 soon?