We added a TwigExtensionPass in #2544932: Twig should not rely on loading php from shared file system to generate a hash for all extensions and handle when Twig extensions change (when modules/core update, etc.).

While working on #2568171: Upgrade to Twig 1.22 and implement our own cache class @znerol found that Twig 1.22 adds its own handling for when Twig extensions change, which probably means we don't need our custom code anymore. See

Proposed resolution

Try to remove TwigExtensionPass and the associated code.

Remaining tasks

  • Patch
  • Review

User interface changes


API changes

Removal of TwigExtensionPass.

Data model changes



Cottser created an issue. See original summary.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

After spending some time with this I think their handling could help us but it doesn't really work with modules being installed/uninstalled, only with file mtime. If I've overlooked something we can re-open but I think we still need our twig_extension_hash because modules can provide Twig extensions that end up changing the compiled Twig template.

Additionally, isTemplateFresh() is only called when Twig auto_reload is enabled which would not be the case on production environments.

Where I think this could help is in making extension development easier because it would integrate better with auto_reload.

    public function isTemplateFresh($name, $time)
        foreach ($this->extensions as $extension) {
            $r = new ReflectionObject($extension);
            if (filemtime($r->getFileName()) > $time) {
                return false;

        return $this->getLoader()->isFresh($name, $time);
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So evidently I looked at the wrong PR this morning but I think there still may be a case which is covered now and would not be covered with the latest upstream code:

  1. Twig auto_reload disabled
  2. A module updates one of its Twig extensions

Currently that would result in a different twig_extension_hash (because of the extension mtime) and a different cache folder for the Twig template.

If we remove the compiler pass, I think the template would only get updated if auto_reload is enabled or caches are cleared.