Starting at there are a number of issues raised around messaging during and after the migration process. Capturing all the feedback here - concrete to-dos will be opened as child issues.

  • yoroy: Since this is a set of modules for a very specific and one-time scenario, that message with the link to the upgrade form should probably be persistent. Similar to how it works when you're in maintenance mode.
    mikeryan: Related thought - should we require the site to be in maintenance mode before allowing the upgrade operation?
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  • yoroy: I think we need more careful and consistent wording, it's a mix of 'upgrade' and 'migrate' at the moment.
    webchick: RECOMMENDATION Here we’re using “Import” which is a third synonymous word with Migrate/Upgrade. Agreed with yoroy; let’s definitely get the terminology cleaned up.
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  • webchick: Incidentally, if you fill in total garbage here, the error messages are quite obtuse:

    RECOMMENDATION It would be ideal if we could re-use the same error handling as the installer, which prints much user-friendlier messages.
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  • webchick: RECOMMENDATION One annoying thing off the bat is that I can see there are errors, but in almost all cases they disappear faster than I can copy/paste or screenshot them. (something about php_code, something about files, something about story). The output upon moving to each step gets overrridden. Ideally, the messages would just append together and I could save the entire thing as a log of what happened (this is what update.php used to do).
    mikeryan: The problem here in circumstances like this is the volume - the modern batch API puts the messages above the progress bar, which will get shoved below the fold in no time. I'm sure there's a way to move the progress bar above though, but I don't like the idea of unbounded messages being saved and displayed, it can get crazy if some module has an "Undefined index" notice triggered by every node you migrate (all too common in my D7 experience).
  • webchick: RECOMMENDATION These things are errors, so should be styled as errors, so they're not missed.
    mikeryan: I'm not sure messages passed through the batch API can be styled individually, except by wrapping them in <div class="error"> or somesuch?
  • webchick: COMMIT BLOCKER However, the big problem is that none of the PHP errors I saw from earlier are included here.
    mikeryan: Fixed!
  • webchick: COMMIT BLOCKER When a migration fails, the message is “Import of Drupal 7 comments failed”. Well, thanks a lot. ;) How did it fail, and where do I start debugging?
    mikeryan: The previous fix means that the condition causing the failure should be adjacent in dblog.
  • webchick: RECOMMENDATION That error message is also super obtuse. Can we get that cleaned up to be more human-friendly? :) "Comments were already imported. Clear database and try again." or similar.
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  • webchick: - Big, fat, undeniable red warning on this page (maybe even make "Perform upgrade" red instead of "friendly blue") if site has existing content, and what the consequences of that will be.
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  • - Possibly in the installer, make this an explicit choice: "are you installing D8 to build from, or are you installing D8 to migrate to?" (This would be a separate issue, since there's a lot to contend with there.)
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Tagging for Barcelona sprinting - review for any other messaging issues not covered elsewhere.

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Issue tags: -Barcelona2015, -Novice
Related issues: +#2678638: [META] Usability refinements for Migrate UI

Any further UX refinement should go under #2678638: [META] Usability refinements for Migrate UI.