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...from the htmLawed module handbook


  • Read the htmLawed documentation and note the filter's limitations.
  • Check for conflicts with any third-party filter modules in use. Re-arranging filters used in a format can resolve conflicts. So can allowing htmLawed let through HTML tags/attributes introduced by other filters.
  • Make sure Drupal's core Help module is enabled; without this, the htmLawed module's help page cannot be easily accessed.


  • Version 3 of the module cannot use the htmLawed settings used with version 2 of the module. If you are updating to version 3 from version 2, note that the newer version does not have the functionality to (1) htmLawed-filter input before it is saved in the database, (2) use different settings for node teaser, node body, etc., and (3) use different settings for different content-types (node-types). For content-type-specific htmLawed settings in Drupal 6, consider using the Better Formats module. In Drupal 7, you can use Drupal's core functionalities for achieveing content-type-specific htmLawed settings. E.g., see this post. The Sanitizable (formatted text) module can be used to filter submitted content before it is stored in the database in Drupal 7. If you are updating to version 3 from version 2, note the htmLawed settings you want to use with the formats that use htmLawed, and uninstall the old, version 2 of the module.
  • Look for latest recommended versions on the htmLawed module project site.
  • You'd usually have to just replace the old module files with the new ones. Remember to run the update script from the main modules admin page of your Drupal site.
  • You can also replace files inside modules/htmLawed/htmLawed/ with the latest versions of the htmLawed filter script and documentation obtained from the htmLawed website.


  • Content-type-specific settings for Other are not possible. The settings set for Default apply to all content-types.*
  • Deleting a content-type will delete the associated htmLawed settings.*
  • Deleting an input text format will not automatically delete the associated htmLawed settings. You have to run cron to delete the not-needed htmLawed settings Administer » Reports/Logs » Status report » run cron manually.*#
  • Disabling htmLawed for an input text format will not delete the associated settings.
  • Uninstalling the htmLawed module through Administer » Site building » Modules » Uninstall will delete all htmLawed settings.*#
  • Disabling the module will not delete any htmLawed setting.
  • The save functionality is turned off by default for all input text formats and content-types.*
  • Teaser content is available for filtering at two points -- first as per Body and then as per Teaser. So, if htmLawed is turned off for Teaser, it does not mean that teasers are not filtered. As long as htmLawed is enabled for Body, teasers will be filtered as per the Body settings.*
  • Since, if enabled, teasers get filtered twice by htmLawed, first as per Body and then as per Teaser, one may want to have, for instance, p and br elements allowed in the configuration for Teaser if at the end of all prior filterings, those elements will end up in the content that will be again passed to htmLawed.*
  • When a new content-type is created, the htmLawed-settings to be used with it must be set; otherwise, the default settings will be used.*#
  • The htmLawed filter allows use of custom functions during htmLawed filtering. If you want use of such functions, besides setting appropriate values in the Config. fields for the htmLawed module, you would need to have the functions accessible by htmLawed. One option is to have a custom PHP file with the functions in the root Drupal folder and have it included by Drupal by adding a require_once call in the Drupal settings.php file.

* applies to version 2 of the module
# applies to version 3 of the module for Drupal 6

...from the htmLawed module handbook

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