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...from the htmLawed module handbook


  • Read the htmLawed documentation and note the filter's limitations.
  • Check for conflicts with any third-party filter modules in use. Re-arranging filters used in a format can resolve conflicts. So can allowing htmLawed let through HTML tags/attributes introduced by other filters.


  • Look for latest recommended versions on the htmLawed module project site.
  • You'd usually have to just replace the old module files with the new ones. Remember to run the update script from the main modules admin page of your Drupal site.
  • You can also replace files inside modules/htmLawed/htmLawed/ with the latest versions of the htmLawed filter script and documentation obtained from the htmLawed website.


  • The htmLawed filter allows use of custom functions during htmLawed filtering. If you want use of such functions, besides setting appropriate values in the Config. fields for the htmLawed module, you would need to have the functions accessible by htmLawed. One option is to have a custom PHP file with the functions in the root Drupal folder and have it included by Drupal by adding a require_once call in the Drupal settings.php file.

...from the htmLawed module handbook

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