I apologize in advance, if this is the wrong place to ask, but I really need some help with a site I'm building, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The site I'm making is here: http://test.comethockey.no

While there are surely many issues, the one I need help with right now is finding the code that makes the site's width all funky on iPhone (while it looks sort of ok on PC/Mac, for me at least)?

Is there any easy fix for this issue?


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what are the features of iphone 6. difference between other phone. please reply...

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Sorry for being unclear. I'm not sure what version of iphone is affected, but I expect all smaller screen may be affected by this. The theme substitutes the regular meny with the dropdown menu etc., but the problem is that the width of the page no longer corresponds to the views slideshow on the top. I'll attach two screenshots, showing the problem:



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Its hard to find from your comment what actually you are looking for. All I can suggest is if you want good responsive site with many options I recommend Bootstrap.

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I see that I was unclear. Thank's for the tip on bootstrap, I'll look into that. Right now I have to fix how zen shows my site on small screens, though, as I don't have time to rebuild this site right now.

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This problem is not caused by code in your theme files. It is caused by the Views Slideshow module's inability to create responsive slideshows. Try using the Galleria or Flexslider modules.