- I 've never done this before -

- so, I have my website with Zen Template;
- I have made a new Adaptive Template, but it is not yet on server, but on my Home WAMP; but it is almost the same looking, except it's another Template i.e. Adaptive in place of Zen...

- So, How to transfer it to my working server? - only my sites\all\themes\zambala folder or anything else too?

- What else can go wrong or break switching themes? (except background image path)...?


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You will also want the parent theme.

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You can take the database dump of live site using phpmyadmin or using "backup and migrate" module, also download all the files to your local setup; and test the updated theme in local.

If you find anything that is breaking, fix those issues and upload the site to the live server.

Following this approach I feel there will be no hiccups at live site.