Is there a way so that I can use the apachesolr_drupal_query to search without any keywords? The use case may be like a situation when I just want to fetch all records for the first time.

$solr = apachesolr_get_solr();
$query = apachesolr_drupal_query("apachesolr");
$query->addParam('rows', $limit);
$query->addParam('start', $page);

// add a set of OR filters
$bundles = array('bundle1', 'bundle2');
$subquery = apachesolr_drupal_query('apachesolr');
foreach ($bundles as $bundle) {
    $subsubquery = apachesolr_drupal_query('apachesolr');
    $subsubquery->addFilter('bundle', $bundle);
    $subquery->addFilterSubQuery($subsubquery, 'OR');
$search_data = $query->search($search_text); 

I want to search with something like

$search_data = $query->search();