I am working with the ZEN theme and with the sweaver modul, to make changes in the theme. This works more or less fine and I could do some changes in colors, or fonts, etc. But when I log out of drupal, I still see the old design! Then I log in again as admin and the design is perfect. It looks, as just the admin can see the changes, that I have done with sweaver, but not a unlogedin visitor.

What can I do? Clear all cache didnt help, rebuilt the page registry? Where can I find the trick?

Some time later...

I found a tip in the following discussion in post 15. It says, that the htaccess in the folder "files" is blocking the serving of the sweaver css files. So I delete the htaccess and it seems to work now.


have I done another problem now, with deleting the htaccess?


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Ok, it was the rights...

-Configure the editor, selectors, properties, types and other plugins
-Use the front end editor

The second one must be given to all rules, or it dont works. But then all visitors can realy use sweaver and make changes in the CSS files...!!!


Does someone knows the solution?

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Ok, this is the 3rd time that I am writing this comment. I hope it will not gone again...

In the following discussion in post 15 says, that the htaccess is blocking the folder "files", where the sweaver css are. So I delet the htaccess and it works now.


I hope to delet the htaccess is not a problem more? How can I do it better?