This may already exist and I'm not aware of it, but I think it'd be handy to be able to allow modules to define a minimum required version. For example, right now a project I'm working on is using panopoly_core, and it has the jquery_update version set to 1.7. However, we have a need for 1.8, which causes this module to be perpetually overridden (disallowing drush fra). However, if there was a way for each module to simply make a suggestion for a minimum version requirement, that would alleviate that issue and allow future jQuery version updates without issue. Perhaps this could be as simple as exposing a hook?

hook_jquery_update_minimum_version() {
  return '1.7';

The highest value out of all the hooks would then set the minimum value which, if not met, would elicit an error.

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Here's a check via hook_requirements.