It was working. At least initially for the tests that I did. The only change that I remember doing is updating from Drupal 7.38 to 7.39 and it stopped. I tested on my other sandbox site which is on 7.38 but can't seem to get it to work there properly. Each time the video posts correct size, but then after a refresh it is a very small version.

I was adding the youtube videos via CKEditor. I've tried simply embedding them in the post without using the CKEditor but still the same results.

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Shinlocke created an issue.

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It looks like I may have found the issue. I completely tore everything out and simply placed the container in a new HTML doc to test it. It worked fine. Then I added in a content div for one of the posts and that was fine. Then I imported the CSS and that was when I found it.

For images within the post it has a "float: left", that is causing an issue although I'm not entirely sure why yet.

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I am having the same problem. My fitvids video disappears when I try to float:left on the containing field div. Same disappearing act if I display: inline-block.

Any ideas?

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figured out that if floating then the containing div must have a fixed width.