I am trying to update URL aliases using VBO but have discovered a bug. In my case, I use the following token as part of the URL alias:


When a node is saved normally, $node->menu exists as expected and this token works fine.

However, when using VBO action "Update URL alias" $node->menu does not exist and this token therefore resolves to null and causes an incorrect URL alias.

This can be recreated by inspecting the value of $node when pathauto first receives it (within the pathauto_node_update_action() function for VBO). When a node is saved through normal editing, $node->menu will exist. When the "Update URL aliases" action is used, it will not.

When saved through normal editing there also exists a $node->original value. This appears to be what is used when executed through VBO. The $node object received when using that method is the same as $node->original when saving through normal editing.

Any guidance on how I can get this resolved is appreciated.


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