I know that there is a [node:summary} token, but is there any way to access the summary value of other fields besides the default body field? I seem only able to access the full value of these field types.

i.e. I want to do something like this [node:field_some_field:summary] where field_some_field is a Long Text and Summary field type.


ryan.armstrong created an issue. See original summary.

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Project: Metatag » Token
Version: 7.x-1.7 » 7.x-1.x-dev

Moving this to the Token queue.

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Thanks Damien! I didn't realize this was an issue with Tokens rather then Metatag.

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I had the same question, ryan.armstrong.

I discovered enabling the "Entity token" module, part of the Entity API project, supports this. Now when I browse the available tokens list there is: [node:field-some-field:?] where the question mark can be replaced with the desired property, text or summary.

Note the underscores are now hyphens when appending properties. So the token for the summary of "field_some_field" is:

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I want to auto-generate the title of a node from the first few words of the body text ("long text" field type). The token help for the field says "The following properties may be appended to the token: value (Text), format (Text format)". I've tried the format [node:field-some-field:summary] per matthew3k's comment but the title field remains blank. Do I have to manually define the "summary" value of my field somewhere? I also don't know what "value (Text)" means. If I leave the token at the default [node:field-some-field:?] then the title field is populated by the content type's machine name for some reason.