Follow-up to #2473947: Prefix form-item-* classes with js-


In #2473947: Prefix form-item-* classes with js- we identified files with Javascript code that is no longer used because of #1838114: Change node form’s vertical tabs into details elements.


The common thread in all of these files is drupalSetSummary(). Looking for this function in HEAD, I found additional files that should be checked:

ag drupalSetSummary core/modules/
10:    // The drupalSetSummary method required for this behavior is not available
12:    // behavior is processed only if drupalSetSummary is defined.
13:    if (typeof jQuery.fn.drupalSetSummary === 'undefined') {
29:    $('#edit-visibility-node-type').drupalSetSummary(checkboxesSummary);
30:    $('#edit-visibility-language').drupalSetSummary(checkboxesSummary);
31:    $('#edit-visibility-role').drupalSetSummary(checkboxesSummary);
33:    $('#edit-visibility-path').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {

12:    $(context).find('.book-outline-form').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {

13:    $context.find('.comment-node-settings-form').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
18:    $context.find('.comment-node-type-settings-form').drupalSetSummary(function(context) {

41:        tab.details.drupalSetSummary(function (tabContext) {

7:    $(context).find('.menu-link-form').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {

14:    $context.find('#edit-submission').drupalSetSummary(function(context) {
19:    $context.find('#edit-workflow').drupalSetSummary(function(context) {
29:    $('#edit-language', context).drupalSetSummary(function(context) {
40:    $context.find('#edit-display').drupalSetSummary(function(context) {

13:    $context.find('.node-form-revision-information').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
28:    $context.find('.node-form-author').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
37:    $context.find('.node-form-options').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {
51:    $context.find('fieldset.node-translation-options').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {

11:    $(context).find('.path-form').drupalSetSummary(function (context) {

Proposed resolution

Go through these files and removed unused JS functions. In cases where that is the only thing, remove the file.

Candidate files:

  • core/modules/comment/comment-entity-form.js
  • core/modules/block/block.js
  • core/modules/book/book.js
  • core/modules/comment/comment-node-form.js
  • core/modules/filter/filter.admin.js
  • core/modules/menu/menu.js
  • core/modules/menu_ui/menu_ui.js
  • core/modules/node/content_types.js
  • core/modules/node/node.js
  • core/modules/path/path.js
  • core/modules/views_ui/js/views-admin.js

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes

Data model changes


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Issue tags: +SafeMarkup

I am tagging it SafeMarkup because some of the files have SafeMarkup::set in them.

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Issue summary: View changes
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The thing is that we don't want to remove the summaries, they got broken along the way, I would love to remove that much JS but it's JS that should be used really.

The way to fix this is more #2493957: Add back errors & summary support to native HTML5 details tag than straight removal.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

ok. well... if we are going to use it, then we probably do not have to (should not?) remove it. so closing this issue and we should move to working on #2493957: Add back errors & summary support to native HTML5 details tag.

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This should be noted here. Since #1838114: Change node form’s vertical tabs into details elements affected only Seven theme those referenced files are still used. The simplest way to check it is setting Bartik as an administrative theme.