Hi I am rather new to the Drupal World. I've already described the issue over at the #drupal-i18n IRC channel and was redirected overhere. Ok the following steps i've performed.

- I've installed Drupal 8 b12
- In the installer I've initially choosen German as language.
- After the install was done i've noticed that the German package isn't completely localized yet (current status is 4600/5562 (82.7%)) - aside that, most of my tutorials are in english, so i've switched over to english)
- I've added the English language package
- I've set English to default and changed the order in the language list ( English first position - German second position)
- Saved the configuration
- Went to the views module

Expected behavior:
I would have expected that every string in that module is in English (since that is the native language)

Experienced behavior:
Inside the "view name" column a few titles are shown in German instead of English (e.g. Benutzer, Bibliothek benutzerdefinierter Blöcke, Dateien, Inhalt, Neueste Kommentare, Neuester Inhalt, Taxonomie-Begriff) even that the default language is set to English.

Best regards Ralf

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Component: language system » config_translation.module
Issue tags: -localization +D8MI, +language-config, +sprint

Thanks Ralf for reporting! Categorizing.

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Thanks for re-categorizing penyaskito! I've played around a bit further and it turns out it is a mix of German and English phrases throughout the whole admin interface. As a recommendation to prevent a possible overwriting of strings (like you described in IRC); would it make sense to install the English base package in any case to prevent any kind of overwriting. So if you choose e.g. German right at the start you get two packages installed, the English one as well as the German afterwards (the default would be set to German). So you would prevent a bilingual jibberish and overwriting incident if another language than English is choosen initially.

Update: As you can see in one of the two new screenshots, in some occassions the toolbar isn't even minding the default language as well as in most parts of the text ( full html) while in the "textformats and editors" screenshot only a single name "klartext" is misplaced in German.

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Right, so that is how it is supposed to work, because you installed in German. When you have a German site, you expect to edit the views in German, not to edit some English version of them and then edit the translation separately. So when you installed in German, we helpfully merged the German translations into the views. (Also when you update translations with the localization client, it will keep updating those views to better German translations).

The fact that you added English later on and made it the primary language does not change that, the configs were already installed in German. If you were to create a couple more views while the site was still German, those were still German as well, right when you make the site English? Drupal's understanding of your active configuration is that it may deviate in any way from the original shipped config. You may delete views, add more displays, etc. So it does not keep them in sync with what was shipped anymore. The only thing that attempts to keep them in sync is translation because we try our best.

Hope that helps :)

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Yep thanks for the indepth explanation! Think i understood the intention and motivation behind the procedure. ;) So basically you should keep the config and admin interface to one language and install the language you wanna work in at first. Got it.

But one slight misbehaviour is there anyway which isn't config and merge related. If you take a look at my comment #3 and the file "textformats and editors.png" first. You see that the menu is shown in english ( the language is set to english as well) - so all good as expected. Afterwards i've clicked the config "full html" button. When i am forwarded to the full html config page, the menu, the breadcrumb nav and a few more strings are shown in german in contrast to the set english language. i dont think in that case it is cause of the merge of translations you've mentioned. at least for the menu and breadcrumbs?

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Without the URLs on the screenshots, its not exactly easy to tell what is happening. That may be related to #2504663: Entity operations links tied to original entity language, ignore both views row and UI languages.

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the according url for the textformats and editors.png is:

if i click the configure button the url for the full html page is:
so apperently it is switching language context to german

clicking on the "konfiguration" menuitem in the menubar, the url sticks to the "de" context:

if i navigate onto the "languages" settings page afterwards the page looks like you can see in the languages.png. i have to click the "konfiguration speichern" button again that drupal is using the already showing english default language properly again as well as reflect it with the "en" context in the url ( see "languages after save configuration.png"). if i go to the textformats and editors setting again i can reproduce the exact same switch to the german context again. if you need any further informations let me know.

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Right, so when you look at the list of formats in English, if you click a format to edit, it will be German due to it originally being in German. #2476563: Entity operations links tied to original entity language, ignore everything else stops that language jump from happening for config entities, because they don't need it. (Content entities don't need it either in fact, but that is a more complex question)

As for why does that form lead you back to English on submit, that is an interesting question, that should definitely keep German.

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ah oki understood. cool thanks!

hmm from my understanding ( i don't know all of the underlaying logic yet - still finding my way into things) the reason for switching back to english on form submit might be the following.
the situation at the beginning: the language is set to english as default while the initial install was german and the english language package was installed afterwards. now when navigating into one of the formats, due to the fact the config entity is in german drupal switched over to german as you explained before ( even that the default is set to english). the url contains still the "de" part if you navigate back to the language settings; but the settings on screen still show english as initially set as default. if you "re-save" english as the default language again it is some kind of override forcing drupal switch back entirely into english? might that be a viable explanation?

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
Issue tags: -sprint

@rkoller: yeah that is in fact by design in the language list form. I don't think we unearthed things here to resolve within the scope of this issue.