I did a search on panels and didn't see an issue for this so I apologize if it's a dupe...

The panels integration for viewing fields/fieldgroups is great but now I want it on the editing end, too. :) Panels has a great potential for organizing the node edit form. Some of what's needed may be on the panels end because it will need to have something for the per node type display like the node view currently has. But part of it is being able to select individual CCK fields/fieldgroups to add to the panel.

Unfortunately, this part is something I have no idea how to do so all I can do is put in a FR for it.



#15 cck-content_type_field_form.patch4.31 KBdawehner
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Does Panels have a way to alter the node edit form? If so, I didn't find it. If Panels has that option, we can certainly try to add CCK fields to it. Not sure yet how well it will work in D5, it will definitely be possible in D6.

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You can override the node add/edit pages by choosing node add/edit as a context and setting the path to node/add/% or node/%/edit. The problem is that you have to add the form as a whole. Stuff like authoring information is broke out but the actual entry form is all one content type. What I would like is the ability to add fields/fieldgroups individually.

BTW, I just realized it already has the per type display so it looks like just the CCK part is what's needed to be able to really customize node entry/editing.


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How, oh how did I miss this? Yes, it's a great idea, although to be honest, I suspect we might find it a little bit restrictive until merlin and I get to panels3. In any case, though, gordonh is working on something along these lines: http://drupal.org/project/panels_form

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page not found for the link

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+1 for this

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subscribing. this is really good.

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This would be awesome.

Is this the module mentioned above http://drupal.org/project/panels_fe ?

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Version: 5.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-2.x-dev

Won't happen for D5, I think. Feature frozen.

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Does anyone know if this functionality will exist in the near future? I'm running Panels 3 and the latest 6.x-2.x-dev of CCK, yet still it looks like this feature hasn't made it in.

If I interpreted this comment correctly, it looks like this feature isn't a priority.

So, in the meantime, can anyone think of the best way to incorporate this functionality myself? Am I stuck with using custom node-CONTENTTYPE.tpl.php files for each of my add/edit forms and then just using Panels for my node views?

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Is there any progress on this? I'm using the latest Panels 3.2 and Latest CCK and I'm not seeing the cck elements displayed as an option to add individually in Panels?

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+2 on this !! that wold be great

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I just hide de taxonomy selector (deselecting on the vocabulary the type of node used for that vocabulary) and used the default add/node page and using CCK taxonomy terms for tag the node...doesn't look the good I wanted but will do the job when I took of the alert message in the "taxonomy browser module" in the .module file so now I can show the node vocabulary in the node as nice plain listed text using pannels for node view !!!

PS: lot's of modules for just view terms in node in listed plain text...it's crazy !! haha

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It is good, but being able to layout the individual parts of the standard node would be the goal here I'm thinking? At the very least, the custom CCK fields.

*Ideally the title and body fields as well!

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This is a temp solution
It's close but it's not panels

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Status: Active » Needs review
4.31 KB

Panels/Ctools is totally awesome! I had to say this.

Here is a patch. I'm confused because i didn't added a setting yet.

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dereine, i tried your patch, and added some form fields to panes, but don't see anything.
Do i need to do something to make this working?
Also added the 'node add form' context, but still same.

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Did you cleared the caches?

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Okay this patch needs support for real fielgroup support.

Currently it just renders the fields always togeht in the fielgroup.

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yep, did flush the caches.
I created one textfield and one text select field to a contenttype.
Enabled the 'node add/edit form' panel, added 'node add' context and added the two fields to different panes.
Now i flushed caches.

Did i forgot something?

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dereine, are you developing on 6.x-2.x-dev ?

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Yes i developed against 2.x.

What version of ctools do you have installed on your machine? Please try it once with the current dev version.

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w00t! This works great for me!

That is, as long as your field is NOT within a fieldgroup.

[edit] had to remove photo

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

Now that we can do fields editing and viewing, I wonder if fieldgroups are needed? At least for me, I used fieldgroups to group fields into like sets to make the edit form easier to digest.

Looking forward to trying this out. :)



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So I've run into a situation where this is not working :( It deals with a complex relationship though, so (being pretty unfamiliar with underlying panels code) I do not know if this is a problem with just this patch or with an underlying hook that it is utilizing, most likely the latter. If so I'll be happy to post this in the Panel queue. In any case, here is my situation:

1. I have a custom panel with primary arguments being derived from the path: add-work/%node/!variant

2. The %node argument is has a 'context assignment' of 'Node edit form: node ID'. This is so I can replicate some of the node/%node/edit system panel's functionality.

Add work wizard

3. The very first panel variant has the need to display some edit fields of the %node author's profile node. Yes, read it twice. I'm using Content Profile for user profiles. (hrm... i guess that is another possible vector)

4. I have successfully added the necessary relationships in this panel variant's Contexts tab.

5. Now, when I go to the Content tab, I can add the edit form fields from the Content Profile node! Yay!

Add work wizard

6. BUT when I go to actually view the panel that I've created, it's giving me the default text that I see on line 96:content_field_form.inc

If I dsm($context) inside of the function content_content_field_form_content_type_render() I get:

So obviously $context->data being NULL is not good... but why? Is it a problem with this patch, or something underlying in panels?

On the flip side, if I'm not trying to use a complex relationship, this all works exactly as I want it to. OR if I change the primary panel argument Context assignment to just 'Node: ID' instead of 'Node edit form: node ID', it also works. Which leads me back around to this may not be a problem with this patch... anyone? Have I explained this clearly enough?

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What let's me be very sceptic is the fact that "node form buttons" does not work as well,
from my perspective of the second last picture.

Perhaps this is a problem of the panels integration of content profile but i don't have a clue in this topic.

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The form stuff implemented in node module is pretty tricky. One submit callback is attached to the form, and another to the 'Save' button.

Also, I think there are modules that depend on node/%node/edit to work well, not only to check for the URL arguments, but because of the fact that code involved in node form processing is located on a separate file.

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