The site was ok with CCK 2.9 this morning.
I tried to upgrade to cck 2.10 (nothing changed in the modules configuration) and get this error after the update.php

This is what i done, in details:
1. i loged with uid=0, then put the site in maintenance, backup the sql (the whole db)
2. i flushed the cache and run the cron.php -> no error
3. i deleted the cck folder, uploaded the new 2.10 (and an other module: honeypot), then launched the update.php -> no error
But since then, i'm just stuck + site unreachable, even for the admin(uid 0).

i tried to delete the new cck folder, to resend the same new one (2.10) : same error, site is unreachable.
Notice that i didn't desactivate any module since several months (and last upgrade was in April, without any issue).

unfortunately, i can't import the backup .sql (get TLS error, the .zip is not big: less than 5 Mo) :(

i deleted the 2.10, uploaded the 2.9 but i can't have any page but "Fatal error: Call to undefined function content_types() in.../cck/modules/fieldgroup/fieldgroup.module on line 42

i deleted the new cck folder, to resend the old one (2.9) : same error.
the site is unreachable now (just showing the error), i can't even get a single admin page, and drush is not installed on this provider.

any idea ?


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Puzzling. Nothing in the (3 line) changes between 2.9 and 2.10 is likely to cause this.

Might that be an issue with APC or some other opcode cache ?
Maybe restart the apache service ?