I have used webhostingpad.com's service since 1 month ago. They have 30 day money back guarantee. For me, it's 04/05/08 and today is 29/04/08.

I have found my data folder had been deleted 2 days ago. I lost 32GB. :-(

I asked my lost data recovery or if not I want to refund money back including my domain registration fee because their fault not mine.(For their domain refund policy, They will charge $14.95 per 1 year. For me it's about $30, and I will receive $60 except $30 because I have purchased 2 years's product.


My 1st ticket : 28 Apr 04:30AM --> This was closed without reply at 28 Apr 06:12AM.

My 2nd ticket : 28 Apr 07:03AM --> forward to admin at 28 Apr 08:22AM.

They didn't answer until 29 Apr 03:00AM. I posted 3rd ticket.

My 3nd ticket : 29 Apr 03:26AM. --> forward to admin again at 29 Apr 03:38AM.

It's 29 Apr 04:40AM by server time. Until now I don't have any answer.

I think they don't have any backup data.

What should I do? Do I request my money back(about $60) except 2 years Domain fee($14.95 x2)???

Please give me some advice on this issue. Thank you.


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I think you know what to do. If you are not happy with them, ditch them. Put it all down to experience.

Who ever you host with do not let them be the registrar of your domain name(s). This may cost you a little extra but is worth its wait in gold when in 1, 2 or more years down the track you're having problems with your host. They could hold you to ransom or make things very difficult (if they are that way inclined). I'm not suggesting that all hosts would behave in such a fashion but why give them the opportunity to do so.

In relation to your domain name you might as well keep it. I'm assuming you spent hours or days trying to get a good name. Immediately though, (I'm sure you can) transfer to another registrar, but do not host with that registrar.


Steven Taylor

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Reading your kindly reply, I decided to refund money back except 2 years Domain fee($30).

I posted three question's ticket(about domain registar transfer, name server change etc.), but they deleted my recent ticket and on my previous ticket(They didn't answer for 24 hours)


To cancel, please go to https://secure.webhostingpad.com/cancellation.htm
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Senior Admin



In their cancellation form,
Please note if you selected to have a domain name registered by us and cancel within 30 days,
You will be charged $14.95 per year for the domain name.

What does this mean?

They will charge $14.95 per year and they will not transfer my domain registar to anther?

I asked this issue anyway. I'm curious about their responce. :-(

I don't know what I do.

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> You will charge $14.95 per year and you don't transfer my domain(iyouand.net) to another Domain registratar?

You will be charged $14.95 for the domain and then basically this domain will belong to you. You can move the domain name to another registrar if you would like to after the 60 day registrar lock period.

Domain problem is solved. But I have to find another wehosting company. :-(

Thank you for all of your concern.