I have enabled the Media plugin, and seems to work fine except in firefox - nothing shows up. The video viles (all .mov) show up and play fine in Safari, IE6, and IE7 but nothin' in FF. Here is a link: http://www.idcphotovideo.com/blog/bruce-dorn/sneak-peek-red-scarlet

The video should show up after the 2nd paragraph.


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Apparently it is a problem with the Media plugin using the tag, and I am dropping the issue as well as TinyMCE. Gonna give WYSIWYG Pro a try and see if it can handle this for me.

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Well, I feel silly. I finally tracked this down. I was using the Embed module (http://drupal.org/project/embedfilter) and as soon as I disabled and uninstalled the module my video files started showing up in firefox.


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The link URL was over 3 years old and had changed; updated it so it wouldn't produce a 404 on client's site.