I have serious issue with my site (drupal 7.38, everything up to date). Randomly after one-two minutes while I'm logged as admin site goes blank and error appears PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class InsertQuery in /var/www/rolbud/includes/scripts/includes/database/query.inc on line 728 This error appears also after drush. I had tried fix it with Registry Rebulid module and even deleting table cache_bootstrap can help only for moment. I tried also https://www.drupal.org/node/2326381 but it hadn't helped. Anyone can help me resolving it?


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Is that the full error? Usually it will tell you the locations of both declarations, but what you've shown us only shows one of them.

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There may be a solution to your problem within this post: https://www.drupal.org/node/1835480

Seems to be a solution there for query.inc to avoid double declarations.

Also, if that doesn't help - are you running xcache? I've ran into a few issues where xcache was trying to redefine some stuff.