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If there is clear and credible evidence someone has repeatedly breached the Drupal Code of Conduct and the Conflict Resolution process has failed, the Community Working Group (CWG) will work with that person to draft an action plan to avoid and prevent ongoing breaches of the Code of Conduct.

What is an action plan?

An action plan is not "punishment"; it is an attempt to create a framework—by working together with the CWG—to help individuals deal with their frustrations more effectively.

The aim of an action plan is to find a path forward that avoids additional harm to the community. Drafting an action plan should help people recognise what triggers these incidents and help them learn to respond differently by using alternative approaches to problem-solving.

However, the action plan may also serve as a "final warning." If further complaints come to the CWG, further action may be necessary. As a group, our authority derives from Dries, and when necessary, we also consult Dries and involve him in the process.

An action plan is a confidential document between the Community Working Group and the individual concerned.

Action plan template

The action plan itself has the following headings:


A high level outline of the rest of the document: a brief summary of the nature of the reported incidents, their impact on the community, and what action is expected of the person concerned.

Action plan consequences

Spells out what will happen if the agreed-upon framework isn't followed. The person concerned is invited and supported to take part in the process of defining this plan and agree to the consequences as part of that process.

Complaints summary

A detailed list of the incidents that have been reported involving the individual. While we may not reveal who sent in the reports without their express permission, we will reveal as much as we can about the incidents themselves, so that the individual knows exactly how they’ve breached the Code of Conduct.

Impact of the complaints

A detailed list of the consequences of the behavior that led to breaches of the Code of Conduct. For the action plan to be effective, it is important to establish clear understanding of the impact a Code of Conduct breach has on the Drupal community, and the ripple effects of that behavior.

Action items

A list of 2-3 suggested actions the individual can take to reduce conflict and minimize the likelihood of further breaches of the Code of Conduct.

For example:
Action: Avoid confrontation with community members you have disagreements with
Where possible, if there is a history of confrontation or conflict with other community members, avoid dialogue with them unless it is sincere and factual. If there are people who you find difficult to work with, involve another community member in working the issues out, or just keep your distance.
Expected results: Rather than antagonizing difficult relationships, they should be left alone to enable everyone involved to be more productive and avoid unnecessary conflict.​

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