D8 port of the calendar module

The calendar module is actively being ported to D8.

Issues are tagged with 8.x-1.x-dev.

Please read the readme file included in the module before posting questions. Also open separate "support request" tickets for questions unrelated to the general progress of the port.

Original message by @parijke

Are there any plans that I missed to upgrade to D8?

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I also have the same question

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Status: Active » Postponed

There are no plans for Drupal 8 at this time, although anyone who can create a Drupal 8 port is very welcome to attach it here for review.

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Has anyone tried working with the Drupal Module Upgrader? I found it a while back and I wonder if it'd be useful here.

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Assigned: Unassigned » geertvd
Status: Postponed » Active

pjonckiere and I are making an attempt to port this to drupal 8.
If anyone feels like helping check https://github.com/geertvd/calendar

I'll post back here when we've made some progress.

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Great work geertvd! Let us know when you feel it's ready for use.

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Title: Any plans for Drupal 8? » Port Calendar module to Drupal 8
Category: Feature request » Task
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That are good news geertvd, as soon as this module is ported to D8 i can start porting one of my modules based on the calendar module. I will try to help with patches.

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I just created an issue for calendar in the contrib porting tracker submodule: #2578231: [calendar] Calendar.

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Time for an update!

We've been working on a MVP for a bit now. After using the module upgrade (https://www.drupal.org/project/drupalmoduleupgrader), we hacked away at the code to get some output. In that process, we discovered several issues in core that we could not fix right away.
- granularity, range, … options missing from argument handlers in core
- style options seem to be global
- date_limit_format(), date_week(), date_is_all_day() do not exist anywhere
- “create from template” option not available on views in core

However, we did make progress and we do get output now.

If anyone would care to contribute, I added some well-defined tasks in the github issue queue and labeled them with "help wanted".

Fwiw, we removed OG support for now, since the port is not stable enough at this point. See https://www.drupal.org/node/1964280 and https://github.com/Gizra/og/issues/56

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@pjonckiere Great work! I wasn't able to create a calendar. Can you please give us a list of steps to create a simple calendar?

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@fizk, thanks for trying, but it might be a bit early for that. The module is quite unstable at the moment, and we sometimes hardcode things to try out several use cases. Soon, we'll add automated tests to smoothen the process and hopefully we'll find a way to provide templates.

For now, the github issue queue gives a rough idea of what is left to do before we can merge back to d.o (both the repo and the queue). Some of those issues will probably be quite challenging to tackle, for example the "where did x go" ones (see https://www.drupal.org/node/2567815 for example).

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We made a lot of progress the last days, so I discussed the progress of the port with @geertvd today. We both think it might be beneficial for the port to move back to d.o as soon as possible.
We currently consider the largest issues to be:
- The start- and enddate of any event is hardcoded to now and now + 1h respectively. The main issue is that we didn’t yet find how we can properly calculate which fields we need in D8. For D7 it was done in contrib:
$data = date_views_fields($this->view->base_table);
This is blocking since we’ll need that to fetch all info on those fields. An option would be to include the date_views_fields() function in the CalendarHelper method like we did with some other contrib functions, or it could be moved into a separate contib. This is definitely open for discussion.
- As noted before, the “create from template” functionality is missing in core. We didn’t research yet what we can do about that, possibly using the new configuration management features.

As requested before, I can give some steps to create a simple calendar:
- enable Calendar
- create a new view (content > all)
- choose the “Calendar” format: type “week” and apply
- choose the “Calendar entities” as row plugin: choose colors for the content types and apply
- add a contextual filter “Calendar contextual filter for created”/“Content” and apply
- add some content if you wouldn’t have any

If all goes well, this should give you a week calendar with some all day events.

If you play around with the settings, you’ll notice that quite some things are still broken or not fully functional. We do however think that the heavy lifting has been done, and we can do the rest on d.o, which has larger visibility. We’d create issues for all things we know of and be happy to help review and push fixes.

Any thoughts on this are welcome!

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@pjonckiere Excellent work! :-) I've merged your GitHub tree into the 8.x-1.x branch here.

I've given geertvd and you commit access. Please feel free to continue your work on Drupal.org and create issues in the queue for remaining tasks. We can update this issue's summary with links to new subissues.

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Issue summary: View changes

Great, thanks! Geertvd closed the github repo, and we'll be making some tickets here soon.

Updated #2578231: [calendar] Calendar.

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Good work!! Thanks for outlining the steps. Did the work and got it working on d8rc2. Formating the display obviously needs some work. I'll be following this closely!!

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Hi gdelver,

Thanks for trying and I'm glad you got the output.

As for the work to be done as described in #12:
- There is a rough port for date_view_fields() which I just committed. I actually think it should move to a separate contrib (I opened a discussion here #2604514: Work on dateViewFields(), but at least a lot of the not-all-day stuff is unblocked now.
- geertvd opened a sandbox where he will play around to find a solution for the "create from template" problem. That too should probably move to a separate contrib.

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@pjonckiere: Nice work and @fizk thanks for committing that to the Calendar D8 dev.

I have a Beta15 test site that I've migrated a 5 year old D6 site to and I was able to create a month Calendar that renders the calendar type content without having to revisit or reformat the content type. This goes a long way to make migrations more efficient. I'll have to dig in and look at rendering the different months but wow, this is a great start.

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@pjonckiere, @fizk and @geertvd. I would like to help out on this project. I am working with Acquia to port modules to Drupal 8 for upcoming projects so I might have significant time available.

Let me know how I can help. I have a fair amount experience in Drupal 8 module development including a couple contrib modules and I am pretty experienced with Views handlers and hooks in Drupal 7.

Should I just grab 8.x issues that aren't assigned?


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@tedbow, that's great!

Currently, the main focus is stabilising what we already have. That indeed means grabbing any 8.x issue that was created already and creating new ones if you encounter other issues or todo's. We assign the issues if we are working on them. As the module gets more stable, we plan to add automated tests for everything.

The same goes for the "create from template" functionality. @geertvd created a sandbox which works nicely, but it's probable that we'll run into some issues for that. The sandbox is here: https://www.drupal.org/project/views_templates

Our biggest problem is that the 7.x version heavily relies on the date module and some of its submodules. I'm quite convinced that the right way to approach this is to port the functionality that didn't make it into core into a D8 branch for the date module. However, I don't think anyone is working on that and I'm unsure how we should move it forward. See also the post I made there for more info: https://www.drupal.org/node/2613454

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@tedbow @pjonckiere Thanks guys, I'm happy to see so much traction happening here.

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Ouch. So for the moment, calendar-heavy apps should stick with Drupal 7?

Does your crystal ball say anything about when that might change?

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Hi @dankegel. Your crystal ball is right over here: https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/calendar?version=8.x-1.x-dev

@tedbow is doing some great work with porting and fixing issues. Please help make this change by installing the D8 version, testing and posting / contributing to the issue queue above.

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OK, I guess I'll join you at the coalface, then :-)

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I just tested the latest dev on a fresh install. I added a date field to Article Content Type. Then used Devel to generated 50 contents. I created a Views and set the display style to Calendar. I added the date field and title in the Views.

Then, the error below came out:

\Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\style\CalendarStyle: A calendar date argument is required when using the calendar style, but it is missing or is not using the default date.

I tried, but couldn't find a way to provide this date argument to the display style. Where is this setting?

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@dankegel Sounds good ;)

@skyredwang - It's probably best creating a new issue for this tagged for 8.x-1.x-dev, as your error will probably be missed here on this porting issue. Haven't seen this one myself yet though.

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@skyredwang: an argument is a contextual filter, so you probably are missing that (or the right one). I'd suggest to use the "add view from template" option from the view list page to get a basic calendar and start from there.

But as @mccrodp said, please open separate issues for issues as to not clutter this topic :)

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Hi folks,
can someone expand on that recipe in comment #12 for how to create a test calendar?
I tried to follow it, and got lost at "row plugin".

I'm using drupal 8.0.1 (installed by hand per http://kegel.com/d8demo.txt)

In the meantime I'll keep futzing and see if I can get a calendar to display.

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@ dankegel:
Drupal 8.0.1 here,
- the #12 approach didn’t work for me, no matter what I tried
- the #26 "add view from template" worked, but with no "end date" available on the date field, calendar is unusable for events, so...
any idea?

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The approach in #12 is obsolete. A lot of work has been done since then. #26 is the way to go now.

End date functionality is currently postponed, see #2604550: End date.

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@JotaMG, re:

but with no "end date" available on the date field, calendar is unusable for events, so...

Yes this is a limitation of Date in core in 8.0.x. Hopefully this will be added in 8.1 or the Date module.
You add second date field for the end of events but this won't be reflected in Calendar.

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You add second date field for the end of events but this won't be reflected in Calendar.

What you mean?
If for instance I add a second date field and name it something like "field_end_date" will it not be recognized by Calendar?
It is not perfect but can work, if Calendar knows what to do with it.

pjonckiere’s picture

If for instance I add a second date field and name it something like "field_end_date" will it not be recognized by Calendar?

No, it won't, because the module is not designed to work like that. In the D7 date module the end date functionality is stored as "value2", but that functionality is currently not available in D8 core/contrib.

The discussions on this topic can be found here:
- Core discussion: #2543958: [META] DateTime Module Improvements
- Date discussion: #2161337: Add a Date Range field type with support for end date and #2613454: Port Date module functionality missing from 8.x core

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So, this is a Calendar problem??
And, if you have the "Allowed number of values" of the Date field to "unlimited", why does the second date is not stored as "value2" ??
1) If that happens, then the end date will work??
2) Or, why not have a "Range Date" field, based on Date?

pjonckiere’s picture

Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 8.x-1.x-dev

No, it's not. We cannot support nonexistent functionality, especially since we don't know what approach will be taken. The problem is that neither core, the ported date module or a new stand-alone date range module exists.

1) If a date field has multiple values, they are stored as separate rows on the field table and are all considered start dates by calendar. So no, it still won't work. Actually, all end dates are currently set to the start date so there really is no way around it without diving in the code.
2) That is what core or another contrib should provide for us to fix this issue. I'd be happy to provide patches to do that if someone would start it off, but my time is currently too limited to start it by myself.

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Well I'm a newbie, I've started with Drupal only a week ago...
(coming from Plone)
But I'm really surprised by this issue, it is so basic!
I want to help, but I need some pointers to guide me...
Could I create a new Range Date field that can work with the current 8.x Calendar?
Or should I hack the current Date field?
Where to start?
Who decided that "all end dates are currently set to the start date"??
And, why??

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@JotaMG, please notice the current status of this porting is still in progress. Once it's finished, there will be a stable release. You have two options: 1. Understand all the related problems to this issue and try to work with the community and contribute back; 2. Implement a quick and dirty solution in your custom code.

pjonckiere’s picture

#36 indeed is what it comes down to, but I'd like to elaborate on the first option. Since the discussion kind of stagnated for both the core and date contrib module and afaik nobody is actually doing it, I think the pragmatic approach would be to start a new sandbox project and implement a stand-alone date range module or similar. If that would be done, we could use it to provide the end-date functionality in calendar. That is what @geertvd did for the "add from template" functionality and what @tedbow improved upon (see the views templates module).

Who decided that "all end dates are currently set to the start date"??
And, why??

I can't recall who decided/did it, but I feel that is kind of irrelevant anyway. It makes sense because that is the default behaviour if no end date is identified.

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Re #26, #28, and #29 -- I don't see an "add view from template" option on in admin/structure/views.
I'm using drupal 8.0.1 and calendar 8.x-1.x-dev.

Worse, I can't add a field of type calendar datetime, it doesn't show up in the list of choices when adding a field to a content type.

Sure could use a step by step guide to trying out calendar with drupal 8.

JotaMG’s picture

A stupid question for you, but I would like to understand exactly what is the difference between "the core and date contrib module" ?
When you say a "stand-alone date range module", you mean a module that only implements a date range field, right?

that is the default behaviour if no end date is identified

How is done this identification? Where is the code, so I can take a look?

JotaMG’s picture

Do you have views_templates installed?
I'm using version 8.x-1.0-alpha1 with Calendar 8.x-1.x-dev, and it works.

dankegel’s picture

@jotaMG: "drush pm-list | egrep "Calendar|views_templates" says

Date/Time Calendar (calendar) Module Enabled 8.x-1.x-dev
Date/Time Calendar Datetime (calendar_datetime) Module Enabled 8.x-1.x-dev
Views Views templates (views_templates) Module Enabled 8.x-1.0-alpha1

So I think I have the same versions as you, more or less. I installed mine two days ago, maybe they're fresher and more broken?
Here's the procedure I used to install: https://github.com/dankegel/d8demo
i.e. composer to create a new d8 project, drush to run d8 "install" process. Is that incorrect?

Can you give me a quick and dirty step by step of how to create a trivial event content type and a calendar page that uses it?
I can try it and reply with a screenshot of where I get stuck, and anything else you like.

JotaMG’s picture

I did not wrote down the steps, I was not expecting it to work... :-)
I did create a new CT, with a Date field

body 	Text (formatted, long, with summary) 	
field_date_of_event 	Date

I named it "date_of_event" but I presume you can call any other name
Added content to my CT
Then views -> add view from template, and choose my CT, I think it is all I did?

dankegel’s picture


My Views page does not have "add view from template". Why does yours, I wonder?

When I created an Event type using Date, added a view via "add new view" and formatted Event as a Calendar, I got the error

\Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\style\CalendarStyle: A calendar date argument is required when using the calendar style, but it is missing or is not using the default date.

when trying to save the view.

pjonckiere’s picture

Re #38 and #43:
- you might be running into #2635430: Where is the "Add view from template" link?. Try clearing your cache?
- there is no "calendar datetime" field, the core "date" field should be used and it doesn't matter what it's machine name is. Issue to add additional documentation is here #2625828: Update README.md for 8.x changes.
- And lastly see #26: "an argument is a contextual filter, so you probably are missing that (or the right one)"
Re #41: The steps in #42 should do it.

Re #39: a good explanation would be this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25382108/what-is-the-difference-betwe....
The situation as-is:
- For D7 we had date in contrib, called the date module (and several submodules like date_views, date_api, etc.)
- For D8 a portion was ported: the DateTime module.
- The stuff that wasn't moved from contrib to core is currently unavailable.

How is done this identification? Where is the code, so I can take a look?

It's where you (or drush) put it. Possibly in you modules or modules/contrib folder?

But please make support request issues for questions. This issue is to keep track of the general progress, and all this back and forth is making it hard to keep track for everyone following it.

pjonckiere’s picture

Issue summary: View changes

I updated the readme file with some of the info in previous comments. And I also updated the IS to point people to the file.

dankegel’s picture

Reading the README as it now stands would probably have gotten me a long ways, thanks.
I'll open a support ticket for any further problems I hit.

steveburge’s picture

Thanks to @jotamg's ideas and @dankegel's questions, I managed to write up a tutorial on this if people are stuck: https://www.ostraining.com/blog/drupal/d8-calendar/

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Thanks for the progress. Seems that I will take a look to the modul next days ...

@date start - end: there is still a "date combo" modul available required by MERCI. Maybe this is usefull ... (but cant find the source at the moment) [update: its called now interval field https://www.drupal.org/project/interval]

MartinMa’s picture

What the status of translation.

My D8 installation say, it cant find translation files neither at http://ftp.drupal.org/files/translations/8.x/calendar/calendar-8.x-1.x.d... nor at translations://calendar-8.x-1.x.de.po

I would like to see a translation file for German, were i can help to translate the text.

tedbow’s picture

@MartinMa end date is going to be added to DRupal core at which time this module will need to be updated.

see #2543958: [META] DateTime Module Improvements
for that other date related core issues.

13jupiters’s picture

Note that the patch at #2161337: Add a Date Range field type with support for end date is working pretty well, so that core Date fields can now include the end date. I've been testing it in 8.1.0-beta2 with the latest Calendar 8.x.dev and the Views Templates 8.1.alpha modules and have a calendar functioning.

The exception of course is no display of multiday events - Calendar has end date set to start date at the moment. In DateFieldWrapper.php the function getEndTimeStamp() returns getStartTimeStamp() as someone mentions above I believe. Step 1 in getting multiday events to work seems to be to copy getStartTimeStamp() to getEndTimeStamp(), changing 'value' to 'value2'.

Beyond that, I've narrowed down the work that needs to be done to calendar\Plugin\views\row\Calendar - the prerender, render, and explode functions - plus CalendarHelper::dateViewFields. In case anyone wants to take a look...

pheraph’s picture

I am not sure if this is currently broken or if I am doing something wrong. I have a content type with a date field that is set to unlimited values. I added the calendar view through the views template (A calendar view of the 'Date' field in the 'Content' base table), but events with multiple dates are only shown on the first date that's stored in the field. The other values are ignored. I expected the event to be listed on every date that's stored in the date field.

Is this a bug?

pjonckiere’s picture

Re #51:
Just for the record, @13jupiters will create separate issues per component, so we can review, commit and credit those improvements in an organised fashion.

Re #52:
That sounds like something I fixed a while back: #2639794: Nodes with multiple dates show up on same day

If you are on the latest dev version, could you please open a new issue with steps to reproduce the issue you are experiencing.

pheraph’s picture

@pjonckier Thanks. I did a clean install with only D8 and the calendar module and it worked as expected. I need to investigate what's wrong with my other setup and eventually open another issue when I found the reason.

13jupiters’s picture

Re #53:
I've opened an issue #2699477: Steps towards handling end dates in Calendar 8 with some notes and code snippets which yield a calendar that handles multiday events. No patches yet - mostly a guideline to the areas that need revision for handling End Dates.

audriusb’s picture

Any ideas why I need to change

$item_start_date = \DateTime::createFromFormat($storage_format, $row->{$info['query_name']});
$item_end_date = \DateTime::createFromFormat($storage_format, $row->{$info['query_name']});

in /modules/contrib/calendar/src/Plugin/views/row/Calendar.php


$item_start_date = \DateTime::createFromFormat('U', $row->{$info['query_name']});
$item_end_date = \DateTime::createFromFormat('U', $row->{$info['query_name']});

when working with "authored on" date field? field stores timestamp format and seems like I can't use anything else other than 'U' format ... How can I change $storage_format format?


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Hi Guys,
I've noticed a small oddity with the month display in that the "today" class is not updating itself on a day to day basis. If that last time the site cache cleared was last Wednesday then the "today" class remains on last Wednesday's date. Clear the cache and it corrects itself.

Any thoughts?


geertvd’s picture

#56 Sorry for not answering sooner, I created a separate issue for this just now #2769085: Authored on calendar view throwing errors, will try to look into it soon

#57 seems like a caching issue indeed, mind splitting this up in a separate issue? I'm planning to do some Calendar work over the weekend and this might be a nice one to work on.

baltusf’s picture


Thanks for porting the Calendar module. I have one small problem. Name of months and fully writen days are in english and not in dutch. Where can i do the correct setting?


texis’s picture

Guess it can be related to https://www.drupal.org/node/2701413

franksonck’s picture

Drupal 8.0.2 beta2 now has an - experimental - daterange field. I tried it out but noticed that when building a calendar this field is not shown in the list of views from templates. So basically you can't use this new field in D8 calendars.
Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But would be great to have daterange ie start en end dates in calendar on D8 no?

Kind greetings

ryantollefson’s picture

Same issue/request as #61.

overseerhobbit’s picture

Am trying to get calendarscript up and running am having success using it in page mode as a view hooked to my main menu. When I expose the view as a block and install the block the calendar comes up as it did in 7 and looks fine. However, when I change months in the block view only I am getting a page not found error when trying to go back and forth in months from the current month.

I have looked and tried several things. I have cleared and disabled caching both on site and views level. I have tweaked and turned every setting in views and nothing is working.

Any ideas ?

kaymccormick’s picture

--posted incorrectly--

slivorezka’s picture

Hi all,
So from Drupal 8.2.x we have new field type Datetime Range.
Make sense use this field instead of datetime type field?

thamas’s picture

I think calendar should support Datetime range too, but not just that, because Datetime Range field always needs an end date and it is not possible to define just a start date (time). But it is an absolutely possible use case.

Stephen Ollman’s picture

For those wanting to add a calendar block to the sidebar, I found that adding a BLOCK display output to the view simply didn't work as expected, so my work around was to use the 'Month' page view and using the 'Insert View' filter module created a custom block with [view:view_name=view_display_name] as its content.

I'm looking forward to seeing this module become a full D8 release.

Stephen Ollman’s picture

There is still an issue with an event time zone shown in a calendar.

Example: content date/time field has value of 9pm, View field output field shows correct 9pm, BUT position in day list is 10am (-11 hours) which for me here in Australia is the correct GMT difference.

Also getting random '\Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\style\CalendarStyle: A calendar date argument is required when using the calendar style, but it is missing or is not using the default date' error.

Clearing cache sometimes helps but not always. There is no reason why the view works one moment and then returns the error the next without any site config or content changes.

labiloute@neuf.fr’s picture

Hi all !
Does anybody manage to make it work with following configuration (everything up-to-date at this time) :

  • Drupal 8.2.2
  • viiews_templates 8.x-1.0-alpha1+0-dev
  • calendar source code cloned from git today (11/11/16)

With this configuration, calendar is empty, no error message.
Tested with template or with a new field, followed the debug page strictly... sorry...

Any idea ?

labiloute@neuf.fr’s picture

Why is this issue so lazy ? Nobody use D8 and calendar anymore ?

thamas’s picture

@labiloute@neuf.fr It is an open source project in which people typically work on issues in their free time for free. There can be a lot of reasons if something do not shows quick progress. And there are a lot of ways to help something go forward.

By the way there were 3 new commits in November (https://www.drupal.org/node/92594/commits) and there are a lot of issues to resolve (https://www.drupal.org/project/issues/calendar?text=&status=Open&priorit...)

awasson’s picture

@labiloute@neuf.fr: To answer your earlier query, here's how I have been using the Drupal 8 version of the Calendar module.

Drupal core 8.2.3
Calendar 8.x-1.x-dev (2016-May-05)
Views Templates 8.x-1.0-alpha1

Note: I am using the Dev from 2016-May-05 because of an unresolved bug in the latest Dev that pushes calendar events one day forward.

Attached is a screenshot of my settings page.

dkre’s picture

@awasson is this using DateRange or multiple DateTime fields?

@labiloute@neuf.fr - Calendar is a pretty substantial module, it's a great testament to the maintainers it is already so far along. At a guess the state of Date in core is a major headache. Date is constantly being developed to add all of the missing features which should have been shipped at launch. Some of these changes are pretty fundamental so their impact on dependent modules, like Calendar will be severe.

labiloute@neuf.fr’s picture

@thamas, @awasson, @dkre,
Thanks guys, and sorry for a rude way of expressing my frustration ;)
I am myself contributing on my free time to a bunch of FOSS, but on Drupal, I have to concede that I am just a pure "consumer".

Anyhow I am surprised that one year after the official released of Drupal 8 some of the most important modules are still in dev (I think of simplenews as well)...

Anyway ! Thanks for all your advices and as soon as I can give a hand for it, I'll do !

Cheers to all and long life !

thamas’s picture

Kgaut’s picture


I need a calendar for the website I'm currently building. Currently I can't make "Calendar" working.

I only created a new view from template "Content Authored on Calendar" on a fresh new site.
And generating about 20 node via devel generate.

My calendar is empty and i get this error about 6 times (6 should be the number of node "created" in December I guess).

Notice: Undefined variable: rows in Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\row\Calendar->render() (line 528 of modules/contrib/calendar/src/Plugin/views/row/Calendar.php).
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in Drupal\calendar\Plugin\views\style\Calendar->render() (line 544 of modules/contrib/calendar/src/Plugin/views/style/Calendar.php).

(full error stack : http://pastebin.com/Jk1mnJ29)

I'm using the last drupal stable on a fresh install with only basic modules installed (devel, module_filter...)

I'll try to dig on this issue today and submit a patch if I get the module to work.

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@Kgaut: Besides getting things working generally, we also need to add support for #2161337: Add a Date Range field type with support for end date as currently, or whenever the module was last working, all events were assumed to be one (1) hour in length as there was no means by which to define end times. This should add the missing piece, and is actually #2820255: need Views Template for Date Range' field data .

@geertvd: Are you still working on the port? This issue is still assigned to you. I'm seeing some D8 issues in the queue. Should we keep this issue open, or close it to work on individual issues? This one is starting to get long. Also, there are some RTBCed issues. Do you need help with module maintenance, committing patches and publishing releases? I could pitch in as a co-maintainer.

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Is there a roadmap for a alpha or beta release?
Beside adding support for Date Range, is there any major task preventing a release? What can be done to help?

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@colan: It's difficult to find some free time to do so. As far as this issue goes, I think we can close it since the port is already started.
New issues should be created for any problems instead of commenting here to keep a better overview.

> Do you need help with module maintenance, committing patches and publishing releases? I could pitch in as a co-maintainer.

Any help is appreciated, I know some patches have already been submitted but again haven't had time to look into those.
As for adding you as co-maintainer, I don't have enough permissions to do that. I think @fizk added @pjockiere and myself.

@rmarques: Although support Date Ranges is definitely as must before we can do a stable release it is not on top of my list for now. We still have a lot of cleanup to do and we need to fix some major regressions before we can start adding new features (I consider Date Ranges a new feature since it's a separate field type now).

For now let's focus on fixing #2604546: Timezone handling, most code for timezones is commented out at the moment, this logic is spread out all over the module and it would be nice if we could simplify this.
Besides that one, there seem to be a number of things broken after new core upgrades which definitely need attention also, I think it would be really helpful if someone picked up #2736071: Add test-coverage and help to identify all of these issues and prevent regressions in the future.

I have some free time coming up in 2 weeks, not making any promises but I will do my best to do some work in the issue queue..

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Status: Active » Fixed

@geertvd: Thanks for the detailed response. Closing as suggested.

All: Please direct issues elsewhere in the queue. Do not post issues in this ticket. Thanks!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Ok, but shouldn't there be a full Drupal 8 release before this is closed? Or perhaps a follow-up item to indicate that this is something that needs to be done?

Plus, the documentation needs to be cleaned up on the project page. The status of this issue makes it pretty confusing.

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I added related issue so we can track the progress of issues we want in the first D8 release #2944547: Release Stable D8 Version of Calendar Module

Someone should also really change the project page as I stated above. Maybe we could link to this new issue instead.