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  • Conference/Event - An event is synonymous with conference and represents the entire occasion as a whole. For example the entire week of Drupal Con would be a single event. A Camp that spans a weekend is a single event.
  • Schedule Item - Items on the schedule but not part of any formal session. (Examples: lunch breaks, social gatherings, etc.)
  • BoF Session - Birds of a Feather sessions (or BOFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda.
  • Schedule - Overview of the date, time and locations of scheduled items, sessions, or BoFs during an event
  • Session - Scheduled talks, trainings, workshops or presentations during the event
  • Room - Meeting rooms at the event
  • Time - A block of time used to schedule items
  • Timeslot - Container that connects a time and a room for the scheduling of session and schedule items
  • Session Track - Sessions grouped by topic areas (i.e. Design, Development, DevOps, etc.).
  • Sponsors - Individual event sponsors that provide financial or alternate forms of support for the event.
  • Sponsorship Levels - Sponsorship Levels indicate available levels of support and the benefits of each. (examples: Gold Level Sponsor, Bronze Level Sponsor)

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