This is the error I get;

Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_current_to_arg() in /home/bj2007/domains/ on line 594

Last time I upgraded to drupal 6.01 and it worked but then I could not sent emails with the database, but
now this error I have to wait until 6.03 I guess.




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Drupal 6.2 contained a change to the menu API. This usually does not happen in a minor version, but in this case it was necessary.

%user_current has been renamed to %user_uid_optional

Make sure that you have run update.php
Check for updated versions of your modules
Search in your modules for the "user_current" string.

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The update worked, but now I see the database content of ages ago, of which I do
not know why they are still in the database, is this because drupal keeps a database

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Sorry, I don't understand what you are saying. What database content? Why shouldn't it be in the database? And of course Drupal uses a database.

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I am sorry of course, I do not know why there was still a database, I have updated the site again and now
there is no content of before in it anymore, I suspected that there was a database on the drupal site because
I did not see anydatabase I had from before. Now I have to learn the drupal system of work around some
bugs I suppose.