In parallel with the discussions surrounding how to integrate a composer based workflow into drupal and its modules, there are infrastructure requirements and impacts that should be considered/discussed/resolved in order to support a composer based workflow for the drupal ecosystem.

Some questions that need to be discussed/clarified in using packagist as our dependency metadata resolution repository.

  • What impact will hosting a project the size of drupal have on packagist infrastructure? Can they handle whatever load we're going to send, and is there a cost associated with that?
  • What metrics will we be able to collect from packagist?
  • What does need to do to get first class citizenship like github and bitbucket have for our git repos?
  • How are security issues handled with packagist? Will the security team be able to unpublish insecure modules?
  • Who owns/manages 'vendor' account at packagist?
  • Would this have an impact on updates and the's update system? i.e. what happens when a module checks in a composer.lock file with insecure versions?
  • How are distributions/install profiles affected by something like this?
  • Is packaging/tarballs still needed for d8+ if we go to composer based workflow?

Composer Infra Requirements

Order Issue Assignment Comments
1 #1503234: Process Composer components when building Drupal core who? Composer for tarball
2 #2622462: Make sure packaging plays nice with GitHub api limits who? Api limits
3 #2622474: Testbots need some kind of composer cache who? Composer for testing
4 #2622394: Use composer for dependency resolution when running tests who? Composer for testing
5 #2622494: The updates process should alert about new versions in composer dependencies who? Depedency alerting
6 #2622482: Update download stats processing for Composer who? Stats
7 #2622466: Packaging should create a composer.lock file for distributions who? R&D - can we support distros this way?
8 [#] R&D How to support multi-sites? who? R&D
9 #2352091: Create (and maintain) a subtree split of Drupal core who? Eventually, subtree split core components
10 #2622470: Explore Toran Proxy for release packages who? R&D


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In order to keep packagist up to date, we'll need something that connects our git infra to packagist.

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We may host drupalesque php libraries ourselves.

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Related issues: +#2352091: Create (and maintain) a subtree split of Drupal core

We may want to allow use of "drupal core" - the codebase, independently of drupal, the product (with the front controllers, htaccess, and other structure). To do this we'll need to offer a subtree split of drupal, much like other projects offer.

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Title: [Meta] Infrastructure Requirements to support Composer based workflows » Infrastructure Requirements to support Composer based workflows
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